756C USB 2.0 CD/RW Case 5.25" Alu

Author: Markus Rimppi
Published: 15.03.2004
Manufacturer: Q-Tec
Product group: Mass storage

The importance and need of different mass storage devices has been increasing lately mostly because of fast internet connections and growing digital archives. In the greatest need are different corporations and departments but besides those, a single consumer acts a significant role in todays market.

The previously mentioned phenomenon has made many manufacturers interested about mass storage markets which obviously enhances competition, affects pricing in a positive way and ensures continous development. For example, storage capacity can be said to double almost every year and the hard disk which breaks the magical limit of one terabytes can be expected to arrive to the market in the near future.

Besides the capacity of mass storage devices, consumers demand these days also mobility and especially ease of use. Many manufacturers have already answered to this call by bringing many mass storage cases - which supports many optical drives and hard disks - to the market.

This time Metku had a chance to test 756C USB 2.0 CD/RW Case 5.25" Alu by Q-Tec from Taiwan.


Q-tec 756C USB 2.0 CD/RW Case 5.25" is packed in stylish carton, which holds accurate specifications and system requirements on its sides. The device and its bundle are packed with care to bubble plastic. This solution keeps the product safe and undamaged during the transportation.


The package contains just some usual items: mounting screws, USB 2.0 cable, driver disk and installation guide instructions. A power cord isn't included which is quite unpleasant for the customer. Except for the power cord the package includes everything required to use the device.

The installation of the device is very simple, but if problems occur, can the user use the manual supplied with the package. The manual printed in english tells everything essential about the device from assembling to installing to the system. The text is supported by clarifying pictures and captions.

Q-Tec 756C USB 2.0 CD/RW Case 5.25" Alu

Q-Tec 756C USB 2.0 CD/RW Case 5.25" Alu

Q-Tec 756C USB 2.0 CD/RW Case 5.25" Alu appearence is plainly stylish. Because of its color and a little abnormal material it is one of the coolest mass storage cases on the market. For only flaws concerning the appearence should be mentioned the vents on the front panel and the screws which holds the sides and the top part of the case together. The case is made of brushed aluminum besides the front panel which plastic painted color similar to rest of the case.

The case is 58 millimeters high, 195 millimeters wide and 255 millimeters long.

Front panel

The front panel of the case is made of plastic which is painted with color similar to aluminum. Power switch and two leds which represent the state of the device are located also in front panel. The Green led tells that the case is powered up and the yellow flashes when the device inside the case is active.


Behind the case you can find AC input similar to computer power sources, 40 millimeter fan, USB-port and stereo analog outputs.

Behind the front panel of the case you can find another clip for 40 millimeter fan. This clip is designed to further improve air ventilation in the case. This is quite a good thing especially for 7200 rpm or faster hard disks whose generation of heat is remarkable. The ventilation solution is however a little faulty because of missing power connector for a fan. Anyway, the power for the fan can be stolen from the molex in the case with proper adapter.

Case open

Opening the case is quite easy. To remove the front cover you have to remove the screw behind the case and slide it backwards until gets loose.

The power supply is located on the side of the case. Its combined output wattage is 51W which is more than sufficient for hard disks and optical drives. Besides the power supply these can be found in the case: Genesys Logic GL811E IDE controller, IDE and power cables, stereo audio output and 40mm fan.

IDE controller

Q-Tec 756C USB 2.0 CD/RW Case 5.25" Alu is equipped with Genesys Logicin GL811E which can handle the most of 5,25" optical drives and 32/48 bit LBA hard disks up to 200 gigabytes. GL811E also supports several USB 2.0 functions such as USB 2.0 test, wake-up and power saving.

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