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 Post subject: Mouse Mods
PostPosted: 14.02.2003 18:46 
I was fooling around with my old Microsoft PS2 mouse, just trial and error - nothing technical. If you use the connection plug where the mouse cord connects to the mouse PC board, the first black wire (pin 1?) and the third pin ( if I remember right) will make your LED blink, I think this is a polling signal. Pin 1 and a pin further away is steady ON,
poke around. Anyway, I had a 1 1/4" diameter glass magnifying lens from American Science and Surplus that I installed as a mouse window.
Got lucky that my dremmel hole was just about right and a little Blu-Tack I had around worked like Bondo. The curvature of the lens mached perfectly to the form of the mouse. A small output LED illuminates the magnified view of the mouse interior, a cool optical illusion that the mouse seems about 6 inched deep. I haven't tried a very bright LED yet, but the prototype is worth doing correctly on a new mouse. Modding ethic: If you didn't put it together from misc. materials you're not a modder, you are just a customer.

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PostPosted: 14.02.2003 20:34 
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Do you have a picture of the mouse to show us other?


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PostPosted: 15.02.2003 04:51 
Thanks for your interest! Sorry I do not have any pictures. I wish I did, as I take another look at my little experiment I think it is a very good project to do and/or to use for new ideas. I will try to borrow a digital camera after I do another mouse with a perfect hole and a vinyl dye job. Some more details in the mean time: the mouse I used is very simular or the same as in the article ; the lens is centered between the 2 internal braces of the mouse cover and is very close to centered from left to right ; the lens is a 1 1/4 inch ( 3 cm ) double convex glass lens from, click on "optics" - then kit-large lenses $3.50 for 10 ; viewed from the rear, pin 1 (black) and pin 3 (yellow) of the circuit board conector blink on and off ; I'm using pin 4 (orange) and pin 5 (white) for always on ; the leads of the LED will hold if you just poke them between the cord's pin and the connector's hole edge ; a quick and safer soldering method than soldering to the chip is to run some solder onto the LED legs, put a bit of flux into the pins/holes that I indicated, reheat the solder on the LED legs and it will flow on to the cord pins. I really wish someone would do this and submit some pictures and feedback sooner than I will get around to it. Finally, a long time ago you could buy a large rectangular magnifier to put in front of your small TV set to get a bigger picture, I think something like that would make an awesome case window if my mouse mod is any indication. Again, thank you for your time.

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