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 Post subject: My baybus idea
PostPosted: 02.01.2003 07:29 
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I probably don't really need a baybus and multiple fans, considering I have an old system that would probably require 10 minutes to generate enough heat to melt a cube of ice, but I get bored... and when men get bored, we create. Right?

Ok, having said my system is old (purchased from Gateway in 99), the case is very small. It came with 1 3.5" bay and 2 5.25" bays, in a cramped design. All three bays are used (floppy, CD, CD burner), leaving nothing open. Curently, that is. I could probably squeeze a fan on one side, but that's about it. The inside of my box looks like a Beetle full of clowns.

I could probably remove the regular CD drive and use that to house my baybus, and invert an additional fan on the top of the case, but what's original in that?

So here's my idea (two of them, really) (And I really wish I had sketched this out so I could scan the images up):

1) Stick with the idea of removing the CD drive, dropping the CD burner down a bay, and utilizing that bay space to stealth a baybus from the top. To the "ordinary" eye, it would appear as a stock case, but to press on the top panel would eject, at an angle, the baybus panel. And since a baybus for one fan is pointless, I could try to cram two fans on one side, and do some cutting on the other side to fit a third. It's kinda' hard to explain, so maybe I'll work on those sketches and upload them somewhere.

2) The second idea would be to just extend the top of my case with a beveled panel to house my baybus and a top fan. This would probably be the easier of the two, although I don't know how well these flimsy cases would stand up to a little welding. I could mold it out of fiberglass, but this case is too old to put that kind of time into.

I'm a cheapass, so I'm waiting on prices of digital camcorders to drop before I buy a digital camera, or I'd take a few shots of my case to give you an understanding of how small it is.

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PostPosted: 07.01.2003 04:11 
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i have a similar comp, a compaq 4555 (combined the 4505 with the goodies of a fried 4550), and for cooling, i got some 2 inch metal tubing, cut some pieces, and welded them together (well, not really welded. i just took it torch and did it with solder, but good enough for what im doing), put the tubing in a clamp, and heated it up with a torch until i could bend it to the shape i wanted. so its kinda like a duct that sucks the hot air out of the psu and cpu. (if your gonna use my idea, be sure to fill the tube with sand or dirt so it doesnt collapse when u bend it). if u have a little "door" made out of plastic and plexi covering the second 5" drive bay, break off the plexe (be careful not to break the acual plexi, just get it off of the plastic. make some sort of hinge and glue it to the plexi and plastic so the plexi will swing open. then put the baybus behind the plexi and have a little motor lift it up with a belt. u might need to mod the plexi to slide open when the baybus is pushed up.

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