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PostPosted: 20.02.2003 21:02 
I realy like the bubles mod, but I just can't think of a way to put it im my case. the problem s that I go to lan's and move my comp around a lot, so with a hole in the top, that would be suicide! Anothyer thing is that I can't just get an air pump that has an input and An putput, becuae during traviel and what not, the tank could get fliped upsidedown, and the water would go into the input of the pump, and effectivly ruin it, causing nasty ac voltage problems, and lastly, another fu&* outlet!?! I don;t know how many people go to lans, but there is allways a limited amount of outlets, even if you bring masive amounts of powerstrips, so 2 outlets for my pc is unnaceptiable

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PostPosted: 21.02.2003 00:46 
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I've been thinking of these very problems myself and started looking at water filled toys for my anwser. The solution that I'm most likely to go with (assuming I find the time/money to to try it...) is to seal off the top as well, but drill a hole in the top peice a suitable size for a standard rubber stopper that one can pick up at a hardware or industrial products store.

As for the water flowing back into the air pump, I say just look for a pump with a flowback valve, or put a valve on the end of the air pump.

As for the outlet issue, I'm hoping I can find an air pump that either runs on 12 or 5v (or somthing close that will still push the pump). Otherwise my solution is to open up the PS box and pull my power from there. But that sounds icky and it might cause me to bypass the fuse in it...

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