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:.URL Photograph Contest @ TwistedMods is holding a contest to see who can submit the most creative and appealing photograph involving one of the following; "" or "TwistedMods" as well as the submitter's username (the TwistedMods logo does not count, but may be added in addition)...Feel free to be creative, because there are NO LIMITS to what you can submit - let your imagination run wild!

:.M-Audio Revolution 7.1 @
M-Audio has made quite a name for themselves in the major recording industry and now they are attempting to do the same in the PC home audio arena. With the introduction of their Revolution 7.1 have they headed in the right direction or have they struck a wrong chord?

:.Philips PSC805 Aurilium USB Soundcard @ Hardcoreware
If you're looking for a new 5.1 sound solution, but want something portable, you are no longer stuck with Creative as your only option. Philips is introducing the new Aurilium external soundcard. It is packed with all the featured you would expect on a full blown PCI soundcard, and more.

:.Crossover Mission II Water Cooling Kit @ Viper Lair
The pieces that were included were very good, however the fact that the first sample I received had a leak on the water block itself is not a good sign. This was not an isolated occurrence as The Tech Lounge had the same problem with their first review sample as well. Testing the water cooler before you put it on the CPU is a good idea as the problems we had shows.

:.Eumax E0702 Heat Sink @ Ohls-Place
We have been focusing on some budget heat sinks the last week or so and today is no different. Today we are looking at the Eumax E0702 heat sink, which is suited for processor speeds up to 2800+, or is it?

:.Zalman ZM-WB2 Water Block @ The Tech Lounge
Zalman now produces the ZM-WB2, a high performance copper water block to cool the latest AMD and P4 CPUs. Does Zalman's quality and craftsmanship carry over from air to water? Well, read on my friend.

.:Digital imaging
:.Casio Exilim EX-Z3 Digital Camera @ Accelenation

:.A beginers guide to LAN parties, part 1 @ enScape
Bad Lan Rising is the premier LAN gaming event in the North of England. Slink is getting ready to attend BLR XV - The Winds of War. This feature serves as a log of his run up, with a few words from both the event organiser and a clan gamer. For those who have not yet gotten around to attending a LAN, or feel a little nervous about what to expect, this should fill you in.

:.XMicro bluetooth headset @ R&B
No cords which means no hassle, you just easily put it behind your ear and make the call :) It's light weight so you can barely feel it when it's in use.

:.AMD Athlon 64 FX-51 vs. Intel Pentium 4 EE @ HWZ
We are extremely satisfied with the new Athlon 64 FX-51 processor and we are certainly very impressed by what it can do. While the performance of the processor is stunning, we believe that users should not just take the numbers presented in the benchmarks literally. In the coming months, Microsoft should be launching the new Windows XP 64-bit and with hardware vendors promising to deliver 64-bit support in their drivers, the Athlon 64 FX processor will continue to break new grounds especially in the area of 64-bit computing.

:.Intel P4 2.4GHz "C" Model @ Club Overclocker
With most Overclockers using AMD processors, the big dark secret about the "C" model Intel Pentium 4 was slow getting out. Today I'm here to let the cat out of the bag, the Intel C Model P4 processors are the most overclockable CPUs we have ever seen!

:.Zalman ZM400A-APF 400watt @ Mikhailtech
The implementation of active PFC (Power Factor Correction) means a higher power factor (94% at full load, up from 75%) and less harmonic resonance. Active PFC uses active elements such as IC, FET and diodes to create a PFC circuit, whereas passive PFC uses passive elements (as the name implies) such as an iron core inductor. Although the passive method is more cost efficient, the power factor is significantly lower and harmonics are greater and harder to control, leading to higher levels of EMI. Another advantage of active PFC is that it can accept a full range (90-260v) of AC input, so no 115/230v switch is necessary (notice the sticker between the on/off switch and the plug).

:.XFX GF FX5600 Ultra 128MB @ OCAddiction
The Coolbits registry tweak gave me quite a bit of headroom to overclock the XFX FX5600 Ultra so I stuck with that instead of using a program like RivaTuner. I initially used the auto detect feature to jump to a safe overclock. It brought the card up to 428/857MHz (remember, stock is 400/800MHz). I then began overclocking in increments of 5 MHz, first focusing on the core then memory. I ran one full loop of 3DMark01 in between each setting to look for artifacts and test stability.

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