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New inSite feature!

Have you noticed this Image image on the main page? No?! Well, now you know about it. MetkuMods is now offering RSS feed to anyone that might find it usefull. What is RSS then? For example offers information about RSS, so give it a read.

News from our affiliates

:.iRock 730i MP3 Player @ HardExtreme
The irock 730i is feature rich and has the ability to display lyrics of the songs as they play on its backlit 128 x 64 LCD. It comes complete with 128mb of built in memory which is enough to store a few hours of music. The player is light and you can take it virtually anywhere. You can easily wear it while jogging or listen to it while working out.

:.Plantronics .Audio 90 stereo PC headset @ The Tech Lounge
Plantronics has been designing headsets since before most of you reading this were born. In all likelihood, your parents have owned or at least used a Plantronics product. Neil Armstrong broadcast his historic "one small step for man" one-liner from the Moon over a set of Plantronics for crying out loud!.

:.Asetek WaterChill KT15-L20 @ PirateSoftware
"The main difference comes when we look at the radiator. In the previous WaterChill incarnations - we have the BlackIce radiator which comes complete with several pipes to allow water to travel through. This new and hopefully improved version has ditched the pipes in favour of a slim channel version which most likely increases the surface area of the radiator for the water to cool down in.

:.CoolJag CJC66IC @ Ninjalane
Unlike other Pentium 4 heatsinks you don't need to attach the clips before the unit is tightened down, it does it automagically.

:.Cremax IcyDock Bodyguard525 Advanced Hard Drive Rack @ Tweaknews
The ICY DOCK Bodyguard525 is not only worthy of one of your 5 1/4" bays - it actually deserves one. The unit came through on all of its claims to protect the hardware (cooling the HDD anywhere from 4-6 degrees Celsius) and it provides the user with useful monitoring tools.

:.PCToys Cooler Master AERO 7+ @ XtReMoDs
When choosing an HSF (Heat Sink & Fan), it's good to find out what's on the market, and decide exactly what type of HSF you're looking for before buying. During the course of this review, we will be taking a look at the AERO 7+, which is one HSF option produced by Cooler Master, generously provided by PCToys.

:.Spire AMD WhisperRock IV @ A True Review
Today we'll look at Spire SPA04B4 WhisperRock IV and compare it to CPU-Cool 370H. With a name WhisperRock, we expect this cooler to be very quiet.

.:Digital imaging
:.Crucial Hi-Speed USB 7-in-1 Card Reader @ Club Overclocker
Having several different card readers for each type of compact media is a little ridiculous, so these multi card readers are a must. Unfortunately, ever card reader we have looked at shares a common flaw, they are all slow! Just recently, Crucial Technology set out to correct that problem. The result, a 7-in-1 card reader that takes advantage of the high speed offered by USB 2.0!

.:Memory & Motherboard
:.Crucial Pc3200 DDR @
We are going to test some timings, overclocking, and
benchmarking. Crucial does not recommend or does not want their memory pointed out as overclocker memory, however we are still going to try it and see what it can do for you.

:.Chaintech 7NJS Ultra ZENITH (nForce2 Ultra 400) @ HardwareZone
No doubt there are still some quirks as mentioned in our "Dislike" section, overall we feel that the Chaintech 7NJS Ultra ZENITH is the best nForce2 Ultra 400 motherboard to attain a standard closest to perfection. It may not have the most perfect layout nor Gigabit LAN and other extra special features, but it has the right mix of features suited for most enthusiasts who can benefit from what it offers immediately.

:.X-micro WLAN 11b USB Adapter @ Hardware Pacers
The X-Micro WLAN USB Adapter (802.11b) is one of the most cost effective solutions to any wireless network. With data transfers speed up to 11 Mbps, most users can enjoy movies, music or online games while every packet is flying through the air.

:.Ahanix SilentX 300W @ XtReMoDs
When you are buying a high performance PC you may not always consider getting a high performance power supply. Well, your power supply is a VERY important part of your computer. After all, the power supply is directly related to how the rest of the components in your computer will work.

:.Silverstonetek ESST-ST35F @ R&B
It's a nice 320w power supply which is supposed to be really quiet and even able to run at 26 db at normal usage. It has a 120mm fan on the bottom which probably runs alot quieter than the standard 80 mm fans.


:.BroMagic 17 DVI LCD Monitor @ The TweakTown
Today Shawn "Toxic" Baker takes a look at a new competitor in the value section of the LCD market in BroMagic with their 17" DVI-enabled monitor. Does cheap necessarily mean poor quality? Not always!

:.Samsung SyncMaster 213T 21 Inch Digital LCD Monitor @ Tweaknews
In this review I will walking you through all the monitor features and illustrating why this monitor should be on short list of "must-have" LCD monitors for now, or when Santa Claus punches a hole through your roof.

:.ATI RADEON 9800 PRO 128MB @ Voidedwarranty
I could go on for hours about interlacing, Z-Buffer compression, parallel rendering pipelines, DirectX comparability, pixel shaders, etc., but I really don't think that that is what you want to read about. When you buy a video card, you simply want to be able to plug it in, install the drivers, and know that you are getting what you pay for.

:.Inno3D GeForce FX 5900 @ Hardcoreware
The 5900 compares directly with ATI's Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB in both specs and price. We test it directly against that card, along with a 9800 Pro 256, and a 9700 Pro.

:.ATI 9600Pro vs. Nvidia 5600 Comparison @
Nvidia has been the Intel of the graphics world, encountering some competition but not enough to worry about for the past several years, until ATI came back onto the scene.

:.nVidia FX5600 Ultra 128mb Reference Card @ The Modfathers
It is also with interest that I am reviewing a nVidia reference card, as this should let me know how the creators of this card envisaged it to be. Good or bad, this is the standard that the manufactures have to beat or accept that they have screwed up.

:.XFX FX5600 Ultra @ Viper Lair
For $200, you're getting some excellent performance in many of todays games, though the Splinter Cell performance was severly lacking. The games of tomorrow? I can't say for sure, but I consider a card of this caliber to be the bare minimum for Half-Life 2 when it arrives later this Fall.

Metku | AlltheMods | LedCalc | Teknolelu | AndroidCoding
Main Computer: Intel i5, MSI H55M-ED55, 12 Gigabytes of DDR3, 3 Terabytes of HDD, GTX295 and Benq 27"

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