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 Post subject: New week with new News!
PostPosted: 20.10.2003 10:00 
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:.Zalman ZM-RS6F 5.1 Stereo Headphones @ BigBruin
Unlike many headphones on the market, these Zalman headphones seem to be made for LAN parties everywhere. Very durable and tough. Sporting a thick headband, and nice comfortable pads, there will be none of the usual fatigue common with cheap headphones. I had these on for many hours at a time and never got sore ears...


:.Soltek Qbic EQ3401M @ HardwareZone
The Shuttle XPC SB61G2 is no longer the only Intel 865G-based SFF system as many other vendors are churning out their own designs. Check out Soltek's latest Qbic EQ3401M which made a number of subtle improvements over their older SFF systems and see how it clinched our 4.5 Stars award. The only downside was its on-board graphics quality that affects CRT users, but other than this issue, it's still an SFF worth investing.

.:Cases and Cooling

:.Aero 7 Lite @ R&B
We have reviewed several Aero coolers from Coolermaster and they have all had great test resuslts. Tonite we are having a look at a Lite version of the Aero 7. Instead of a copper heatsink it has an alimunum one. We are going to have a look how it performs against Coolermasters newcomer Jet 7 which also has tha same cooling technique.

:.Angel Eye Tecnologies Bay-Res @ HiTechMods
The Bay-Res arrived in a white box, inside is the reservoir itself surrounded by bubble wrap. Taped onto the top is a small plastic bag with four mounting screws inside. The acrylic still has its protective plastic stuck on the outside. Simply peeling it back removes it easily and cleanly. The Bay-Res is available in clear acrylic, UV green, or UV blue colors. Also available is 1/2" and 3/8" straight or elbow barbs.

:.Innovatek Water Cooling Kit @ Viper Lair
"Since I have always been an air cooler, but an avid overclocker, I decided to take a foray into the WC world to see what all the fuss is about. I looked around, and asked many questions to find out what was needed, I settled on a "kit" solution. I say "kit" because I was able to modify the kit on the fly during ordering.

:.Skyhawk Psr-5602 aluminum case @ R&B
Skyhawk makes nice cases at low prices as many of us have already seen. Aluminum cases have been on the market for awhile now and are very popular because of their nice looks and very light weight.

:.Speeze EEA31B2 - CopperEagle @ ohls-place
Speeze has started to roll out their new heat sinks for the fourth quarter and we got our hot little hands on a dandy today. We may just be giving some of you a first look at the new Speeze EEA31B2 - CopperEagle, it sports a dual channel in-line ducing system and our tests show that this one is a keeper.

:.Thermaltake X-Blower @ The Tech Lounge
When does a fan crawl up from the evolutionary muck and become something more than just a fan? Why would I want to purchase one product over another? Of course, to find the answer, it depends on whom you ask. This is the point when all the marketing types would start their spin on the superiority of one product over the other. Since I am not a marketing individual, I will just have to rely on my inane ability to sense crap.

:.Vantec Vortex Hard Drive Cooler @ Club Overclocker
I've seen many hard drive coolers over the years, but none quite like the one we just received from Vantec. Vantec's new Vortex hard drive cooler incorporates features that I've always wanted in a hard drive cooler, such as a solid aluminum housing for superior cooling, cross flow blower fan, dust filter, fan speed controller, hard drive dampening, and digital thermal readout. Just by looking at the list of features, the Vortex has a very good chance at receiving our seal of approval and maybe even topping our list of hard drive coolers!

.:Digital imaging

:.Trust 960 Powerc@m CCD @ PirateSoftware
When I first heard that I would be reviewing a digital camera by Trust, I thought it was a typing error. Either that or the boss had been indulging a little too much in post office hours drinking games... To me, Trust make mice and joysticks and leave the important things, like digital cameras to the professionals - Canon and Fuji, but to name a few. So it was that I embarked upon this review in a slightly skeptical manner. How could a company with (relatively) little experience in this area compete with long established manufacturers?


:.Fellowes USB Foldable Stowaway Keyboard @
I've already had some time to get used to the layout of this keyboard, as I bought the PDA version for my girlfriends HP Jornada Pocket PC. SAME thing. I just received my USB version today. This might interest the CarPuter folks a little more than the others.

:.Icemat (Clan Based Version) @ ohls-place
With todays high-precision optical mice the need for the same type of mousing surface arose and to our rescue came the crew at Icemat. With the release of the their Icemat gaming surface we were finally able to find out what "Mousing Nirvana finally was."

:.Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop Pro (Tilt) @ Hardware Pacers
Tilt Wheel Technology: Experience unrivaled accuracy, speed, and new wheel functionality and intuitive software enables enhanced, accelerated scrolling through documents and Web pages. Depress the wheel to toggle between open windows, making multi-tasking a snap. Your screen will move as smoothly as the scroll wheel feels .

.:Mobile and PDAs
:.Garmin iQue 3600 @ DevHardware
After much fanfare, Garmin, makers of GPS systems for the military, avionics, and general consumer industries, finally began to ship its much anticipated iQue 3600, the first Palm OS PDA with an integrated GPS. Fortunately, I was one of the first to own Garmin's newest offering, after an excursion to Alexandria, Virginia took me to Navtech Seminars & GPS Supply. Today I'll be reviewing that unit to see whether it is indeed worth its hefty MSRP $589 (USD) price tag.


:.Bleu Jour Modding Stuff @ Ninjalane
The thing to remember when modding your case is that the process is supposed to be fun and picking out the modding supplies is only half of the project.

:.Chameleon Springs @ A True Review
All the fans in the world won't help cool a case unless cool air flows over hot components and out of the case. Cables in the case block airflow and cause heat to remain trapped in the case. Sleeving has been developed to tie these cables back and make the case neat. Sleeving is very bland; therefore, Lizard Tree invented Chameleon Springs.

:.Hypno Crystal Maxx fans & TechFlex case sleeving @ Club Overclocker

.:Motherboards and memory

:.Albatron PX865PE Lite Pro (i848P) @ Digit-Life
The board is based on the budget-level chipset, that is why neither functionality nor components used look impressive. This is a top model in the i848P line from this company (originally named PX865PE Lite instead of PX848P). It's equipped with 3Com's network controller, while the other board in the line, Albatron PX865PE Lite, has only an audio codec in addition. However, the i848P supports Serial ATA and delivers pretty good performance.

:.Kingston HyperX PC4000 Memory @ Viper Lair
At 1/1 CPU and memory, we settled on a final OC of 270FSB. We did manage 275FSB, but even at 3.0v, the system was not stable. Actually, the system was fairly stable at 271FSB at 3.0v, but occasionally we locked up. 270FSB was rock solid, and we were able to drop our voltage back to a safer 2.8v. Keep in mind that this all voids any warranty, but nothing like living on the edge, eh?


:.X-micro WLAN 11b Broadband Router @ Hardware Pacers
For mobile users, most current laptops have some kind of built in WLAN capability or a PC Card slot for WLAN cards, for desktop users, it is easy as buying a WLAN USB Adapter. Today, X-micro has an 802.11b wireless router that brings accessing the internet one step further.


:.Bytecc Aluminium Mobile HD Enclosure @ A True Review
Always wanted more hard drive space but thought it would require a lot of work? Of course you did. Having to unscrew the case, open it up, mess with the wires, find an available IDE cable, and hoping you can mount it into the case right, is too much trouble for even the biggest of hardware nuts.

Well how about just having to plug in two cords and a quick format to add any size of hard drive? Sound to good and easy to be true? Well that's what I'm here to find out for you. Today I will be reviewing the BYTECC 3.5" Aluminium Mobile Enclosure, model ME-350U2.


:.Plextor PX-708A DVD Writer @ HardwareZoom
As our test results shown, the PX-708A burned the entire 4.22GB image in less than eight minutes, just by using normal 4X DVD+R media. For the first time we've seen a consumer DVD writer that records disc image of this size at such speeds, it's especially amazing when you consider writing a 650MB CD four years ago probably needed longer. Plextor did not disclose the write strategy used in their 8X DVD+R recording, but our best bet is Z-CLV.


:.ATI All-in-Wonder Radeon 9600PRO @
ATI has successfully filled every possible sector with an All-in-Wonder option that is bound to please anyone with any wallet size. With great performance and a very good pricetag, the All-in-Wonder 9600pro is bound to be one of the most sought after stocking stuffers for the 2003 Christmas season.

:.Leadtek WinFast TV 2000 Expert TV&FM Tuner @ Digit-Life
The first tuner from Leadtek that I tested was Leadtek WinFast Cinema, and it left a very pleasant impression. That is why when I got Leadtek's latest solution WinFast TV 2000 Expert I anticipated getting pleased with it as well. Let's see if the expectations come true.

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