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 Post subject: Midweek affiliate news
PostPosted: 29.10.2003 13:43 
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.:Cases and Cooling

:.CaseArts Brown Marble Aluminum Case @ Furioustech
The perfect case we are all looking for it, well I would have to say CaseArts come as close as a lot of suppliers out there. You will definitely want to look at this offering, an aluminum case with an ASTOUNDING paint job. Almost a perfect 10, check this one out, you're a daisy if you do!

:.Chieftec Dragon Aluminum Case @ BitBenders
"This case should be great to work with, there's plenty of room and features, and the side panel with the fan is a definite plus. If you are looking for an aluminum case that has a lot to offer, you can't go wrong with this Chieftec design and it's available in a variety of colors.

:.Vantec NXP205 fan controller @ R&B
Nowadays everyone needs a fan controller or? Well maybe not everyone but the companies keep pumping out fan controllers. They have different colors and specifications but they all do the same thing in the end and that is to controll the fans. Tonite we are having a look at a fan controller that fits in a floppy drive bay so this is a tiny one but still has the specifications as the bigger Vantec controllers.

:.Wet and Chilly Chips Water Cooling System Rev2 @ Viper Lair
Definite improvement to be seen here when compared to the old style radiators and a very impressive full load that tops out at only 12C above room temperature with the Evercool fan at full speed. The new design radiators would both seem to handle load temperatures with a low speed fan more efficiently as well, which for those wanting to get a quiet system will be good news.

.:Digital imaging

:.Canon CanoScan LiDE30 vs Epson Perfection 1260 Scanner Shootout @ HardwareZoom
"From the results obtained, Epson seems to be faster than Canon most of the time. However this is only true when we were scanning at lower resolution. Once the resolution is above 300 or 600dpi, it is interesting to see that Canon comes out to be the fastest. If we look at the total time taken to complete all the tests, we can see that Canon actually completed all the tests almost 8 minutes faster than Epson.


:.ICEMAT Gaming Mouse Pad @ A True Review
A slick mouse pad can improve gaming performance. Last week we looked at the Steelpad 4D, a gamer mouse pad made out of plastic. What about making a mouse pad made out of glass? Talk about the ultimate slick surface that feels cool to the touch. The ICEMAT is just that, a mouse pad made out of smooth glass.

:.WinAmp Remote Control @ Viper Lair
Currently I have remote control for Winamp, WinDVD, WinDVR, Windows Media Player 9, the Mouse (via the cursor pad), so basically anything you can think of to control, you can. Hell I turn my monitor off with the Tekgems remote now, which for a bedroom PC this is quite a handy prospect before sleep (no more waiting for Windows to shut it off after 10 minutes).

.:Motherboards & Memory

:.ABIT IC7 MAX3 (Canterwood) @ TweakTown
AMD Athlon 64 has taken most of the spotlight over the past month but we shouldn't forget about Intel Pentium 4. One such motherboard to support it is ABIT's IC7 MAX3, which takes the Canterwood chipset to the MAX.

:.MSI KT6 Delta-FIS2R (VIA KT600) @ HWZ
Overall, if you are looking for a feature packed Socket-A motherboard but at a more affordable price point than the nForce2 Ultra 400 and aren't really picky on performance, the MSI KT6 Delta-FIS2R is worth considering. At about US$128 (or S$230), the MSI KT6 Delta FIS2R sounds a tad pricey. As mentioned much earlier, it costs just as much as MSI's top nForce2 Ultra 400 offering, but it offers more features - which really justify its extra cost.


:.ASUS WL-127 Wireless Card @ Digit-Life
Instead of the PCI slot the card is equipped with the WiFi-b connector which can be plugged only to the special ASUS Wi-Fi slot on ASUS mainboards. The card comes with an external removable antenna (there's no magnet inside the round base), an installation card and a CD with drivers and more detailed documentation.

.:Power Supply

:.Antec PSU Tester @ BitBenders
I was recently browsing through my local hardware vendor's store, and happened across the Antec PSU Tester. It's a simple device that acts as an ATX switch, and gives the user the facility to test the 12v, 5v & 3.3v lines of a PSU with nothing more than a simple multimeter. Additionally, it will also place a 25w load on the PSU simulating actual use.

:.Seasonic Super Tornado 400 W @ ohls-place
The last time we reviewed a Seasonic Super Tornado power supply it was only rated at 300 watt but it was still able to impress us with the tight voltages and the little extras that came with the unit. So when we got news that the new Super Tornado 400 was available to review we jumped at the chance to see if it could hang in there as well as its little brother did.

:.Seasonic Super Tornado 300 Watt @ LAN Addict
Seasonic has a great concept to work with in their Super Tornado line of power supply units. A larger fan spinning at lower speeds and moving more air is definitely a good thing! Making that fan temperature controlled is even better. The honeycomb venting on the back of the PSU itself does wonders for airflow through the PSU. The Super Tornado line has all the ingredients to be an enthusiast's and gamer's PSU dream come true.

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