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PostPosted: 07.11.2003 13:43 
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:.Philips Aurilium @ HardwareHell
The Philips Aurilium both looks and performs quite well for the price, and I'm sure a lot of people will be fine with the audio, but those with higher surround requirements will want to go with a good PCI based soundcard instead.

.:Barebones & Handheld

:.Little Princes PXA @ Digit-Life
Modern PDAs and smartphones have very strict requirements for the elemental base - you can come across models which are 1 cm thick and weigh 100 g in spite of their iron case, capacious batteries and a big screen. Looking at my HP iPaq 1910 I wonder whether there's a board with a processor, memory and other logical elements at all: how did they fit it in there?


:.Logitech MX Duo @ ASE Labs
The best combo of keyboard and mouse, ever. Read this now, before you try to buy another set.

:.Logitech io Personal Digital Pen @ BigBruin
After carrying the pen around with me for about 3 weeks now, one thing is certain it is definitely a conversation piece. Regardless of an individual's interest in tech gadgetry, almost everyone that has seen the pen has been intrigued with it, and impressed by the revolutionary concept of the device.

:.Genius Wireless Optical Office Kit @ HardwareZone
Overall, we found the Genius Wireless Optical Office Kit a worthy consideration if you're out to look for something that works and are not fussy about the quality of materials used on the keyboard and mouse. Although we quite liked the keyboard's performance, we can't say much about the mouse as it lacked good ergonomics and performance. Although it can still pass off as a normal office mouse, it won't be a good gaming companion as it lacked the high sampling rate that gamers require.

:.Logitech Cordless Optical Mouse for Notebooks @ BigBruin
The mouse works perfectly and installation is as simple as you would hope. Using the mouse is comfortable, and it performs just as well as my corded optical mouse. The only complaint I have is that it doesn't operate as smoothly on a hard surface as the corded mouse does, but put it on a mouse pad and it's great.

.:Motherboards & Memory

:.Single-channel chipsets for Pentium 4: SiS648FX and VIA PT800 @ Digit-Life
The release of the single-channel i848P chipset and its unexpectedly bright characteristics that put Intel's spring chipsets into an awkward position (they had two channels!) was a real success. In contrast to the i865P, which was past-oriented and had vague prospects, this chipset uses all features of Intel's modern south bridges and has no crippled north bridge components. One memory channel is locked but if 2GB RAM is enough for you, the only disadvantage of the i848P is its speed.

:.VIA M10000 ITX @ LAN Addict
VIA Technologies, long known for their mainboard chipsets, has expanded their product lines to meet new computer needs. One of their offerings is small footprint motherboards. Using the Mini-ITX form factor, VIA's M10000 mainboard hits the scene. takes it for a test run so read on to see how it faired.


:.Samsung SpinPoint SP1614N/SP1614C (7200RPM) @ HWZ
All in all, the new Samsung SpinPoint SP1614 drives performed admirably well in all of our tests although it is not the fastest drive we've seen to date. Surprisingly, the ATA-133 version (the SP1614N) performed slightly better than the SATA version (SP1614C) although both drives share the same specifications and even the IC controller. The only difference with the SP1614C is the SATA interface which was enabled through a Marvell 88i8030 SERDES (serializer-deserializer) chip.

:.Introduction To Serial ATA @ Rojak Pot
Just what is Serial ATA? How does it differ from Parallel ATA? What does it mean to us? So many questions. Today, David Du takes a look at Serial ATA and gives us the low-down on this new technology. If you are confused about Serial ATA, this is the article for you!

:.Highpoint e.SATA Kit V2.0 @ The TweakTown
Serial ATA drives are great. They are quick, use thin cables and don't break the bank account in the process. Though what happens if you want to run drives external to your case? You turn to Highpoint with their e.SATA Kit V.2.0, of course!


:.Hauppauge WinTV-USB @ Ohls-Place
When Hellfire checked out the ATI TV Wonder VE for his HTPC he was building he was one happy man. But never being one to stay happy for very long he went looking for something that might be a bit better than the ATI. So he ends up finding a Hauppauge WinTV-USB , now Hauppauge is supposed to be known for their outstanding audio/video devices, but someone forgot to tell Hellfire this.

:.ATI Radeon 9800 XT @ The TweakTown
Half a grand is a lot of money to spend on a graphics cards. In this article we examine visual gaming performance of ATI's latest GPU, the Radeon 9800 XT, in Counter-Strike, NHL 2004, Max Payne 2, Midnight Club II and Halo PC to work out if it is really worth spending all those dollars.

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