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 Post subject: Monday News
PostPosted: 03.11.2003 15:00 
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Shuttle ST61G4 XPC

Shuttle started to ship their latest XPC model; ST61G4. What makes this product especially interesting is that it includes ATi's Radeon 9100 IGP chipset and 6-in-1 card reader. Until now, SFFs were usually shipped with Intel Extreme graphics and while it was quite usable in some light office work it still had tendency to have poor image quality with higher resolutions.

Some highlights from specs:
.: Dimension: (L)300*(W)200*(H)185
.: Front Panel: USB 2.0 6 in 1 card reader, USB * 2, 1394 * 1, MIC * 1, Line in * 1
.: Back Panel: SPDIF * 1 Serial Port * 1, LAN Port * 1, VGA Port * 1, USB * 2, TV-out Port * 1
.: CPU: Socket 478 400/533/800MHz FSB
.: Chipsets: North bridge:ATI RS300 South bridge:ATI IXP150
.: Memory: DDR 200/266/333/400 SDRAM DIMM * 2
.: Video: ATi Radeon 9100 IGP
.: Audio: On board Realtek 650F six channel audio
.: 2x UDMA100 IDE Ports, 2x 150MB/s S-ATA ports with RAID function
.: Power supply: 250W

"The ST61G builds on the design strengths of the barebone XPC platform"; said Jonathan Yi, vice president, product planning, Shuttle Inc. "With integrated graphics performance that exceeds all previous expectations, the ST61G4 eradicates the performance gap between discreet and integrated graphic solutions for mainstream users."



:.Creative Audigy2 ZS @ Digit-Life
Creative unveiled a whole number of active speaker systems with two-way satellites. Besides, the sound card series were changed significantly as well. Now Live! 5.1 is to be replaced by 5.1-channel Audigy LS with 24/96 format support, while Audigy and Audigy2 - by Audigy2 ZS.

:.Klipsch GMX D-5.1 Speakers @ The Tech Zone
The GMX D-5.1 sound system is one of Klipsch's newer creations and is unique in the fact that it is geared towards console gaming. That's right, Klipsch made the GMX D-5.1 with the console gaming industry- more specifically the Xbox, PS2, and Gamecube users- in mind. They have observed the huge advancement console gaming and decided it was time to act. They thought, why not give users the chance to complete their gaming experience by adding 5.1 surround sound to complement the stellar graphics of these new video game consoles.

:.Virtual Subwoofer and 3D Surround Headphones @ A True Review
When playing a game or listening to music, sound plays a very important role. Poor quality speakers or headphones make it difficult to enjoy the game or song. That is why it is very important to buy quality headphones. A+ GPB provided us with their Virtual Subwoofer and 3D Surround Headphones.
.:Barebones & Handheld

:.Shuttle SB65G2 with ClearView cover @ The TweakTown
Put together one of Shuttle's latest XPC small form factor computers and a tuned Intel Springdale chipset and you have some serious performance from a little guy packing a big punch!

.:Cases & Cooling

:.Icemax Fan Controller @ Crazymodders
Now everything is connected we can give it a little test. When we put the pc on, we already notice one thing: The knobs light up, in one of the 3 colours. The colour is depending on the voltage what also adjust the rpm. The red colour is for the lowest possiton and is between the 7v and 8v. When we turn it, the knob changes into yellow, this is from 8v to 9.5v. If we put it in his highest position, it turns blue, and that's from 9.5v to 11.5v. The downside of this is if you turn it just between 2 positions, the knob doesn't light up.
:.Cooler Master Centurion @ Viper Lair
Cooler Master has taken their first step into the budget case market with a bold step. Their case is sleek and flashy, sure to catch the eye of many people. And for those of you who put your components into this case once, shut it up and leave it alone (except to clean the front filter every few years, this case is a good budget solution to a mid-tower.

:.Evercool Intel P4 Copper Cooler @ A True Review
Ever look at your computer and think, "This thing is running too hot?" Ever wonder what can be done while at the same time keep it from sounding like a vacuum cleaner? Evercool's CUW8-715 copper P4 cooler not only is quiet and cools well, but has a sense of style.
:.Swiftech 8501 Series Water Cooling Kit @ Club Overclocker
Over the years we have seen many names in liquid cooling come and go, however one company has stuck it out through thick and thin ^Ö SWIFTECH. The biggest reason Swiftech has been around so long is because they are the poster child for quality. Nobody does it better than Swiftech. In recent weeks they have released a whole new product lineup. We have taken a look at several of these products first hand and have been thoroughly impressed. This time we take a look at Swiftech^Òs newest liquid cooling gear! Swiftech has sent over a complete cooling kit covering all the critical components ^Ö CPU, Northbridge Chipset, and video card. If it all works once I'm finished, it really should be the ultimate cooling solution.

:.Antec Lanboy @ CyberCPU
When you think about it, what's the worst part of a LAN party? Most people would say transporting your PC. Sometimes case manufacturers do not think about a computer being moved all the time. Antec has a solution that should fit anyone's needs. The Antec Lanboy comes with all the great features to make it the perfect LAN party case.
:.Auras T6C Golden @ Ninjalane
With a hint of industrial style heatsink design and a quiet LED fan isn't the only thing that makes the Auras T6C unique, but it helps.

:.Raidmax Scorpio 868 @ Ohls-Place
The last time we turned Hellfire loose with a case it was the Lian Li PC-9300, and I really had concerns about his mental health for months after that run-in. But the news is good from the land of brimstone as our pitchfork packing buddy describes his new love affair with the the Raidmax Scorpio 868 case. I do believe I will need to get a hose to separate from this one.

:.OCZ Annihilator Water Cooling Kit @ Club Overclocker
I love the looks I get from non-geeks and geeks when I tell them I have a water cooled computer. Usually the reaction involves some sort of comment about water and electronics. But, I'm happy to report that I've not had a single leak in the two weeks that I've been testing this system. OCZ was kind enough to send us over their latest and greatest water cooling system, the Annihilator.

.:Digital Imaging

:.MICROTEK ArtixScan 120tf - Universal film scanner @ Digit-Life
The specs of the ArtixScan 120tf scanner can be found at Microtek's site. We are going to tell you about its features we have examined. Scanners of this class have so many degrees of freedom that it can take months to find optimal methods to handle them.


:.Steelpad 4s and 4D @ ohls-place
Wow have mouse surfaces changed over the last 5 years around this house. Gone are the Snoopy, the free PC World one, so long Spidey, see ya Mickey, hello Oak, goodbye glass, move over Formica. Maybe the hello and goodbye syndrome can finally end now as we check out the Steelpad 4s and 4D surfaces.

:.3 Way Optical Mouse Pad Shootout @ BitBenderTech
For the average consumer, mouse pad performance is often overlooked when purchasing this ubiquitous accessory. With the advent of optical mice technology, which offer precision tracking and frictionless motion, the mouse pad has become more important for discriminating computer users who crave for an optimum tracking surface for general and gaming use.

:.Steelpad 4D Professional Gaming Mousepad @ Tweaknews
It offers support for either optical or ball, and both surfaces work equally good. Its size is only an issue if you do not have enough desk real estate. Otherwise it's a huge plus. More space means more control and options.


:.Kensington Saddlebag Pro @ Rojak Pot
Tired of lugging around your notebook in poorly designed bags? Can't stuff all your mobile devices into one bag? Perhaps it's time to take a look at the new Kensington Saddlebag Pro! Today, our mobile warrior Marauder takes an in-depth look of the Kensington Saddlebag Pro. Does it meet up to his high requirements? Can it carry all his mobile devices and not break apart? Read on to find out!
.:Motherboards & Memory

:.Corsair Twinx1024x-3700 @ Rbmods
Awhile back we reviewed TwinX3200 memory from Corsair. Tonite it's time for a newer version called 3700. This is going to be tested with some heavy overclocking as usual. We are also going to have a look at the timings etc that this memory can run at. We know that Corsair makes great sticks of memory and they really hold the spot as one of the greatest memory manufacturers.

:.Pentium 4 Extreme Edition vs Athlon 64 FX @ Digit-Life
The P4 EE is actually the same Xeon MP, just ported to another (desktop) socket (Socket 603 -> Socket 478). Also, it got a bus from the modern Pentium 4 (800 MHz), runs at a higher clock speed. It doesn't support SMP systems, though we can't check it as there are no SMP boards with the Socket 478! Intel could even leave the SMP supported as there's no chance to get a dual P4 EE - hardly anyone would dare to make such a board. Besides, the P4 EE supports ordinary (unregistered, without ECC) DDR400 SDRAM, so does the Xeon MP (unlike AMD K8, Intel's processors doesn't care about memory types or features). But the Xeon MP doesn't have respective boards (look at the requirements for the modules in the above example), while the P4 EE can be easily installed on desktop mainboards equipped with ordinary memory. The Pentium 4 Extreme Edition is just another Xeon MP on a different socket. It's hard to say whether the die was redesigned - I think not. It looks identical to the Pentium 4 - only the marking and back side differ.

:.Albatron KM18G Pro @ Dev Hardware
CHUN, a Taiwan based hardware manufacturer known primarily for their display devices, decided in 2002 that they needed a bit of a face lift. The company changed its name to Albatron Technology and added motherboards to their offerings. Sweet mother of overclocking! Did it make an impact! On the grill today we have the Albatron KM18G Pro micro-ATX motherboard, based on the nForce2 chipset. Let's dig in and see if this little guy can perform up to the levels of other Albatron-released motherboards.
.:Power Supply

:.Allied AL-B500E 500 Watt @ Voided Warranty
What I expected to pull out of the box, and what came out of the box were two different things. I was anticipating just another PSU, but I was wrong. This power supply looks awesome with its brushed aluminum casing. Looks can be deceiving. Will this unit perform as good as it looks? We will find out soon enough.

:.Coolmax - Taurus CX 450B Silent Switching PSU @ ohls-place
With the ever-increasing number of toys we seem to find ourselves placing inside our computers, the need for a high current, well regulated power supply should be a paramount concern. Today we are looking at Coolmax Taurus CX-450B Silent Switching PSU, which should be enough horsepower for most, but only testing it will tell.


:.Bytecc USB 2.0 HDD Enclosure @ ASE Labs
Flash drive and memory card readers are all abound. Need more storage capacity? How about a mobile hard drive! Let's see what this Bytecc USB 2 Enclosure has to offer.

:.Seagate Momentus 40GB (5400RPM) @ HardwareZone
The new Seagate Momentus marks the return of Seagate in the mobile storage market. Equipped with the new QuietStep ramp load technology, this 5400RPM hard drive boasts of better performance with lower power consumption and operating temperatures.

:.Plextor PX-504UF External High-Speed DVD+R/RW CD-R/RW Drive @ Tweaknews
The advantage of being able to choose either USB or Firewire makes the drive very versatile. The included software is fairly robust, though still user-friendly. DVD Builder is a great application for parents wanting to backup family videos. And the DVD+R format is still more widely supported by DVD-ROMs and home DVD players.

:.Plextor PlexWriter Premium USB @ Club Overclocker
While DVD drive continue to advance, Plextor has not forgotten about the dedicated CD-R/W writer. The PlexWriter Premium USB is the external brother of the original PlexWriter Premium. By way of USB 2.0, the same great features found in the IDE model can now be transported and connected between machines with simplicity and stability. Looking for an External USB CD-R/W? This could quite possibly be the drive for you.


:.Powercolor Radeon 9800 XT @ Overclockers Club
The competition in the graphics industry today is very competitive and fierce. NVidia was on top of the competition a couple of years ago, while ATI was right on their heels. Over the past year and a half the tides have turned, and now ATI has the most sought after video cards for gamers. The only accurate way of knowing who has the better card is to run extensive testing of real world games and comparing the image quality to the competitor's card. Today, we're looking at the Radeon 9800 XT video card from Powercolor.

:.GigaCube RADEON 9600 PRO Game Buster (128MB) @ HardwareZone
We are well aware that the XT variants of both the RADEON 9600 and RADOEN 9800 series have been launched, but before we embrace them in a forthcoming review, let us review one other RADEON 9600 PRO offering from GigaCube. To sum it up, although the GigaCube RADEON 9600 PRO may not have an attractive appearance, but it certainly performs well (overclocking included), priced reasonably and gets the job done.

:.All-In-Wonder 9600 Pro @ accelenation
Without AA & AF the 9600 cards offer performance within 5% of the R9700 Pro. When AA & AF are enabled the performance gap widens to around 40%.

:.Chaintech FX-71 Geforce FX5600 Ultra @ Tweaknews
With not a single corner cut, the great looks and industry leading cooling technology coupled with great performance and a great software and accessory package makes the FX-71 an excellent videocard to put on your short list if you are considering a mainstream targeted videocard.

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