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Want to use XBOX game controller when playing games on PC? If the answer was yes, keep on reading. I'll show you one of the most popular XBOX mods, well actually two of them in this one article.


:.iRock 830 @ HardExtreme
I personally think that iRock! has done a great job with this unit. Within the size of a pager, you get a large capacity player as well as an FM tuner. The battery life is one noticeable advantage of this player among others. Also the small size of it makes it really portable. The price of it is affordable as well, at only $99.99 at This is a nice mp3 player to buy for someone who is looking for a MP3 player with a few additional features.

.:Cases & Cooling

:.Aspire X-Gear Mini Server Case @ A True Review
Looking for a cool looking, inexpensive case to put your next system in? Aspire let us check out their Mid-ATX X-Gear Mini Sever case that is available in a variety of colors (Except red unfortunately), and include a window kit on the side for all of those that plan to add lighting. The one I received is said to be black.

:.Global WIN YCC-1101 Micro-ATX Case @ Ohls-Place
We used to think of Micro-ATX form factor cases as just about as small as you would want a case to be. It seems some people even shied away from this size case because of the lack of available fast motherboards to fit inside them. That has all changed now with the release by a couple of motherboard makers deciding an nForce board of this size was acceptable. So this brings us to the point of our review as we take a closer look at the Global WIN YCC-1101 Micro-ATX Case.

:.Zalman Cnps3100+ cpu cooler @ Rbmods
Today we are having a look at a weird shaped cpu cooler from Zalman. It even goes with the weird name Cnps3100+. It has the flower heatsink that has gotten really popular lately. We are going to see how it performs under some overclocking and how it just performs under normal use and if it really is quiet?

:.Xpcases X-dreamer 2 @ Rbmods
The Xdreamer were really popular so they seem to have decided to make a new version with some improvments of this case. It's a premodded case with a nice window on the side and it has a temperature display in the front.

:.asetek WaterChill @ Ninjalane
Watercooling is not much different than any other cooling system but when used on a small scale, like in a computer system, the parts tend to get rather complex. The asetek WaterChill makes it easy.


:.Eumax EZ-8000 Office Keyboard @ The Tech Lounge
I remember when a keyboard was a simple device that had only the bare essentials, and maybe even a Scroll lock! Now the norm is a keyboard with volume knobs, media buttons, web navigation buttons, and more. The EZ-8000 has all of that AND a bag-o-chips! Chips are yummy and all, but the number of chips in the bag don't influence the yumminess of the chip, just like the number of buttons on a keyboard doesn't directly influence the productivity of the keyboard.


:.Php how-to for starters @ IceTeks
Ever wonder how people make those fancy sites where you can type in information and it actually "updates the page" right away? Ever wonder how forums do that? It's actually quite simple. PHP means Hyper Text Pre Processor. PHP is basically html, but with advanced preprocessing features. The HTTP protocol transfers hyper text, so it is called a Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. PHP is a "phase" that the document goes through before it is sent out to the client.

.:Motherboards & Memory

:.VIA EPIA CL10000 Mini-ITX @ Tweaknews
VIA's latest EPIA offering is an excellent office alternative to the the multimedia HTPC targeted M10000. With the digital audio and video removed and an additional LAN and two USB 2.0 ports added, the CL10000 has every feature and enough power needed for an inexpensive file server, firewall or corporate office PC.


:.Networking X-Micro Style @ The TweakTown
X-Micro is a company we know for producing a whole range of graphics cards. Today we take a look at their complete and new range of networking products including 802.11b wireless gear. Cheap, Stylish and Simple!

.:Power Supply

:.SilenX 400W @ OCAddiction
Most cases today come equipped with a standard power supply unit (PSU). Often, those included units are cheap and lightweight. That's where companies like PC Power and Cooling, Antec, Enermax, Fortran, and SilenX come in. The unit we are reviewing here today is from the last manufacturer in that list, the SilenX 400W. As you can tell by the name, the main thing SilenX is going for is quiet computing. Usually quiet is associated with crappy, but no longer; Zalman has carved out an entire niche catering to this market. Now SilenX is tossing their name into the hat. How will their newest PSU perform?

:.Titanium Magic Color, 480W @ A True Review
Not only does this power supply have a Titanium cover but it has a multi-colored LED fan on the bottom along with other extras making perfect for displaying in your windowed case.


:.Coolmax Aluminum External Enclosure (CD-510B) @ Hardware Pacers
The CoolMax Aluminum External Enclosure (CD-510B) makes any internal hard drive capable to become external and fits any 3.5" or 5.25" device. It is built for people who do not have IDE ports available or do not have space left in their case. It can also be purchased with USB 2.0, IEEE 1394, or both kinds of ports. It has a stylish black color and a magnificent blue LED fan.

:.Digitex CF, MMC & SD Flash Cards @ Digit-Life
Today we are going to test flash memory cards from Digitex: one CompactFlash, one SD 256 MB (earlier we tested a 128MB card which is not of much interest these days), and two MMC cards, 256MB and 512MB.


:.Crucial\'s Radeon 9800 Pro @ ClubOC
It can be very confusing when it comes to choosing a video card these days. Not to mention one of the most expensive upgrades you can make. nVidia and ATi have flooded the market with so many different types of video cards it’s hard to tell what is budget card and which is the performance card. This means you must really do your homework before you set out to purchase a new video card. With a good video card costing anywhere from $300 to $500, you really want the biggest bang for your buck.

:.Solarism Flex-View LM-1730 17in LCD @ Mikhailtech
Resolutions scale from 800x600 up to the native 1280x1024. First off, a 17" LCD isn't the same as a 17" CRT. The former doesn't "inflate" specifications but rather provides 17" of viewing area, whereas the CRT only has 16" of viewable width. Also, because 17" is a diagonal measurement, native resolution may vary from screen to screen (you'd be hard pressed to find 1280x1024 on a 17" widescreen display).

:.Samsung Tantus LTM405W 40 Inch LCD TV / PC Monitor @ Tweaknews
The Tantus LTM405W is not intended to be the average everyday TV for the regular consumer. This particular 40 inch LCD TV/Monitor is targeted towards a consumer that doesn't want to just use it the view the daily news, but with the push of a remote control button, be transformed into one of the largest LCD PC computer monitors in the world. With a feature list that is just begging to be hooked up to a Home Theater PC, the LTM405W is one of the most complete multimedia TVs on the market today.

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