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XFX GTX 280 XXX Edition

New graphics cards are coming from the left and the right. To make your selection easier, we took a closer look on XFX's latest beast, the GTX 280 XXX Edition.


Affiliate News


:.Lenovo IdeaPad U110 11.1-inch Laptop @ ThinkComputers
We mainly know Lenovo for their line of ThinkPad notebooks, but consumers really do not like those laptops because of their plain styling. Luckily for consumers Lenovo has released a new line of notebooks called their IdeaPad series. We first got a look at Lenovo's Ideapad series at CES earlier this year. Out of the 3 new notebooks we were most interested in the very tiny U110. This small laptop has a lot of very innovative features like a LED backlit screen and facial recognition. At only 2.92lbs it is a perfect notebook for traveling and mobile users. Will all these features make the U110 worth its price tag?

:.Dreamhack Summer 2008 @ Rbmods
Dreamhack is the biggest LAN Party in the world with up to 10000 computers. The summer version that we are going to talk about today is not as big as the winter one. There was plenty to look at though as we went down there the first day of the LAN alot of people were still arriving to the event which was nice to see. They also have some companies showing their latest gear and this time we saw Asus, Mushkin, Steelseries just to mention a few.

.:Power Supply

:.OCZ 800w EliteXStream @ Virtual-Hideout
When testing a power supply, the greatest questions I have are going to always be as follows. How well is the PSU designed? How stable are the power rails? Can it produce its rated wattage reliably? Some worthwhile attention has been given to its overall design right down to the circuits. The OCZ 800 Watt EliteXStream Power Supply is obviously very well designed to produce 800 Watts of power, maintain steady, reliable voltages, and protect your system by offering very clean power without fail. Add the 80 Plus efficiency feature and you have the 800 Watt Editor's Choice.

:.OCZ EliteXstream 800w @ DriverHeaven
Today we will review one of the higher end new OCZ units, the EliteXstream 800W supply. The EliteXstream is a high performance PSU, designed to appeal to hardware enthusiasts who above all else value top electrical performance.

:.Coolmax CUQ-1350B 1350W @ JonnyGURU
Once upon a time, a company by the name of Coolmax sought to impress me with two of their Green Power branded power supplies, and failed. Now, they've sent their biggest and baddest at me, the Green Power 1350W, looking to rectify the situation. How will the CUQ-1350B fare when faced by the usual stiff competition and rigorous load testing methods at this site? Come on in, pull up a chair, and I'll tell you all about it.


:.Fingerprint protected Personal Data Manager @ Rbmods
Today we are taking a look at a USB memory stick from N-trance. They have sent is their latest fingerprint protected USB memory stick which also has software that allows you to backup the information you have on the drive. You can also run Skype and Miranda straight from the drive which gives it alot of functions in just one single drive.


:.Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 512MB @ Club Overclocker
What a crazy week this has been. First, with the unintentional early release of the 4850, followed by the nVidia bombshell announcement of the 9800GTX+, there has not been a dull moment. All this chaos in the market has precipitated a serious price war in which all of us win. Even with the MSRP of $199, we are already seeing the 4850 sell for as low as $160. 8800GTX like performance for under two bills? Yes, please! All on a design that sips power and uses a single slot cooler? Where do I sign up?

:.ATI Radeon HD 4850 512MB @ Legit Reviews
The retail card that we have is the Sapphire Radeon HD 4850, which features an MSRP of $199 and will be the jewel in the price versus performance charts for months to come. It is also the first card that has a TeraFLOP of compute power. Not bad at all for a price tag of just $199!

:.XFX GeForce GTX 280 XXX Edition @ tweaktown
While the XFX GTX 280 does come in 30MHz lower on the core compared to the ZOTAC offering, it does carry with it a significantly higher 200MHz DDR memory clock. Let~Rs find out if that makes up for the reduced core speed.

:.NVIDIA Responds To GPU PhysX Cheating Allegations @ HotHardware
During the benchmark install, a runtime library is updated to allow the test to run on the GPU and then during the test, it addresses the benchmark DLLs to the GPU instead of the PPU or CPU. Nothing within the benchmark is changed at all. No software libraries or even a line of code changes in the benchmark whatsoever. The only thing that changes is that installer, nothing else. It has been said that the tests results look different on the screen when running with PhysX enabled on the GPU. And of course this is true, just as the screen results look different when you test on a dual-core CPU versus a quad-core. This isn't a graphics test; it's a physics test. 3DMark Vantage specifically scales more complexity into a scene to take advantage of additional physics compute resources, which of course is why it looks so different/better on a test run with PhysX processing on our GPUs. This is by design in the benchmark and if the folks accusing us took the time to run it, they would know that.

:.NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 896MB @ Digit-Life
Today we are going to review a graphics card that has the same dimensions and weight as the GTX 280, but it has a narrower bus and fewer unified processors. Besides, it's noticeably cheaper. Meet the GeForce GTX 260.

:.SOYO 26-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor DYLM26E6 @ Benchmark Reviews
Last year we reviewed the 24-Inch DYLM24D6, which was an extremely popular widescreen monitor that could be purchased for less than $300. That was over a year ago, and so as you can imagine prices have come down a but since then. Today we get to offer another excellent value: SOYO 26-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor MT-NI-DYLM26E6. Presently this monitor is available for only $379.99, which is an unbelievable price for any 26" widescreen LCD that can produce 1920x1200 WUXGA resolution.

:.Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 In Crossfire @ tweaktown
I wrote in my editorial the other day that the HD 4850 in Crossfire wasn~Rt going to bring me fully back into the world of PC gaming, but I think the HD 4870 has the ability to do this. While the performance on the HD 4850 is excellent in Crossfire, it~Rs not loads faster than the GTX 280. That~Rs fine; we didn~Rt expect it to be faster at all simply because of the price. The thing is though, it is, and this is awesome news for people who want what could probably be the absolute best value for money setup we~Rve ever seen ~V Yes, ever!

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