How to open mx500 mouse? Kuinka avata logitechin mx500?
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Author:  Guest [ 20.09.2003 22:16 ]
Post subject:  How to open mx500 mouse? Kuinka avata logitechin mx500?


Mietän tässä että tollasen leopardi modin vois tehdä omalle rakkaalle hiirelle, joka sattuu olemaan logitechin mx500, no kurkistettuani pohja läpysköiden alle, jouduin pettymään kun mitään ruuveja ei löytnyt! Eli tietääkö kukaan miten hiiren saa osiksi muuten kuin lekalla?

Shorter version in english: Hi! Does somebody konw how to open lohitech mx500 mouse for this great mod? (with out hammer ofcourse ;))

Author:  japala [ 20.09.2003 22:30 ]
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Interesting... there doesn't seem to be that many articles about modding mx500... Anyway, there must be some plastic "claws" that keep the top part in place. You need to find these spots and apply some pressure so that the claws release. This is just a guess so try to be carefull. :)

Author:  Guest [ 20.09.2003 22:37 ]
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Ok, i'll try!

btw. Very fast replying! thank you!

Author:  Guest [ 21.09.2003 08:03 ]
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Hmm.. I really didn't find any clips there =/ It seems to that the silvery piece is remove able but I m not sure about that.

Author:  Guest [ 04.10.2003 13:06 ]
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Actually there is screws. Three of them to be exact. They are found under the stickers on the bottom of the mouse.

Author:  z1Ob [ 19.10.2004 14:26 ]
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If you can't get into the mouse there is 3 screws hidden under the tape at the bottom. when you get inside you detach the lower part from det top part, and then you just screw out all the small silver screws. After this there is a place at the back of the mouse were you can push the silver top off(from the inside..).. hope this will help; )

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