Yes I know.....Another glowing Keyboard
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Author:  Happless_Gimp [ 13.12.2003 03:01 ]
Post subject:  Yes I know.....Another glowing Keyboard

Its been done before, but since I am doing it any way I thought I may as well post it here too boot. :D

Ok so I admit I have too much free time At The Moment.

So here it is.......after having destroyed/killed/b0rked a number of cheap 12$ ps2 keyboards I happend to come across an OLD(!) Chicony keyboard.


Not only does it Not have windows etc keys, it does use a din9 connector, which isnt really an issue. If anything i like the lack of winblows keys, mainly cause i often manage to hit them instead of Ctrl when I wanna duck in games

Okay, so the first step was to get into the sucker, this was fairly easy, 3 err 2 screws on the back and some clips on the fornt were all that held it together. So with these out of the way it was nekkid board toime. Now this KB is Heavy, like 2-3 kgs heavy. and also its verry clicky. I had suspicions about the reasons for this....and I was proved right!


There is a steel plate, with individual microswitches poking thru it. At least they are on a pcb and not hardwired. :) Oh well its well chunky......this is the sorta KB that you can unplug, pickup, and sneak up behind a skiting camper with. beat him sensless (more?) and return, plug it in and keep going. :)


Ok I digress.....since I plan to use UltraBright LEDs to light the KB that black base plate is just not working for me....solution mask the switches and electronics.........and give it some white spraypaint of justice HA!!


Then once the paint has dryed, this is what I have.


Since i only realy want the main letter keys to light up im not concerned too much about the black patches.

Now all I am waiting for are the LEDs, once I get those wired up ill take some finished pics, and post em in the gallery. Ill probably add to this thread with the electronic details.

oh incedently an@rchy,rattus......yes this kb is nearly as old as you guys :)

Author:  An@rchy [ 13.12.2003 06:57 ]
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hehe lol. I got a kb like that. Nice ghetto paint-job m8! I wanna get my switch-kb kb to work in PS2 port, but it's got like some demented oversized PS2 plug shizniz that i have to work around. Damn, any ideas?

Author:  crash [ 13.12.2003 07:10 ]
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HEHE, i see toes. :lol:

Author:  An@rchy [ 13.12.2003 08:34 ]
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crash wrote:
HEHE, i see toes. :lol:

weird toes :P

Author:  Ratticus [ 13.12.2003 16:19 ]
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Yes i to have a swith keyboard, the pcb is almost identical. An@rchy i have a kb converter, you could also go to dick smith/el genirco com store. Ive seen them for around $5 . Or i could give u mine next time i see you.

Author:  An@rchy [ 14.12.2003 01:47 ]
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Ratticus wrote:
Or i could give u mine next time i see you.

that would be much ablidged :o

Author:  Happless_Gimp [ 14.12.2003 02:07 ]
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heh, leave my monkey toes alone :) So what if I can type with em :)
Happless_Gimp tries to avoid taking pics of hands now :)

Author:  Ratticus [ 14.12.2003 04:59 ]
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Pfft monkey toes, I have hobit feet. My feet are so 1337 they have their own afro's.

Author:  An@rchy [ 14.12.2003 06:40 ]
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pfft afros? my feet got they own garden mulch research facility and corner store!

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