Maia II Radeon9700pro
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Author:  Nirvan [ 25.12.2003 19:09 ]
Post subject:  Maia II Radeon9700pro


i am having troubles with my Radeon9700pro.
Its fan stopped to work and the radeon was still working good.
Of course, i stopped to use it to avoid the risk to damage it.
After this i tryed to repair the fan but at the end i damaged it and now
without the fan, i am not able to start the computer anymore.

Is it normal, when you detach the fan from the Radeon or maybe i damaged also the radeon??? :( :(

Thank you for your suggestion.


Author:  An@rchy [ 26.12.2003 03:09 ]
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well post some pics of ur HSF-dilly on your radeon. When moving the heat sink around a bit, you might;ve damadged the GPU or memory modules. Either that or you fried it from overheating.

Author:  Ratticus [ 26.12.2003 05:30 ]
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A similar thing happaned to my gf2, what i did was chnage the heatsink to a thermaltake cystal orb. If you are not prepared to do some modding there are plenty of third party vga coolers around that you could replace it with.

Author:  timbudtwo [ 26.07.2004 09:58 ]
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Have you tried taking out the card completely and reseating it? What are the beeps your computer is giving you when you computer turn on? If you hear no beeps then you may have damaged your motherboard, or you have no internal pc speaker :mrgreen:!

Author:  Rutger1413 [ 26.07.2004 14:05 ]
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its most likely because the fan is not plugged in. Put the fan back on and plug it in if you just wnat ot use it. You can get ahold of your manufacturer and e-mail them about the fan not working and most likely they will send you a new one.

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