dual power system cooling
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Author:  crash [ 31.12.2003 00:49 ]
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get some ear plugs. LOL jk

Author:  Happless_Gimp [ 31.12.2003 01:12 ]
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Heh......i have 4x80mm exhaust fans (including the PSU), 2x 92mmm exhaust fans. then there is a 60 mm to unsure the AGP/CPU chips get fresh air. The cpu has the stock 2000xp HSF, with a 60mm screamer. then there is the 20mm (?) on top of theAGP set. Then last but not least there are two more on my graphics card.

Then I also have 3 barracuda 7200 HDDs and a poor old 5600 seagate, that feels left out.

The main reason for all the fans is that I have all these drives and that system in a desktop case, formally inhabited by a p2 system.

Lastly my puter runs pretty much 24/7 and you learn to tone out the noise.
Though I cant wait to get my new case finished so I can use the control panel in it to slow the fans when possible.

It has gotten to the point where i find it hard to sleep without it on, its just too damn quiet. :)

Author:  GPW [ 31.12.2003 01:41 ]
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DAMN thats alot of fans! If you switch ur pc off and it too quiet so u cant get 2 sleep jst plug in the vacuum cleaner and leave it running that prob would sound similar. lol

Author:  Happless_Gimp [ 31.12.2003 02:27 ]
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heh last time i resorted to turning on my radio to fm static. Its a fairly simmilar noise :D

Author:  GPW [ 31.12.2003 14:39 ]
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I've never really seen the point of leavin me pc on all nite cos its just wastin power and wearin out all the components and stuff and also there aint much point leavin it on for three hours when u go out - cos it just sits there doin nuttin!

Author:  Happless_Gimp [ 31.12.2003 14:53 ]
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Heh...its called unlimited off peak DSL....with limits on peak time
Damn You Ziggy

Author:  An@rchy [ 31.12.2003 16:47 ]
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talking about ziggy... who's ziggy???

Author:  Happless_Gimp [ 01.01.2004 00:43 ]
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Ziggy, as in the guy in charge of T$ (telstra)
The states have M$ (Microsoft)
We Have T$

Author:  An@rchy [ 01.01.2004 03:17 ]
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lol and Sweden has P$

Author:  Ratticus [ 01.01.2004 07:00 ]
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Hey dont diss telstra I have shares in them!!!

Author:  An@rchy [ 01.01.2004 09:14 ]
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wat? wit their buyback scheme?> don't u know that even the word Scheme oozes enough trouble?

Author:  Ratticus [ 01.01.2004 09:40 ]
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No I bought the t1 shares the first generation not the one that flopped.

Author:  An@rchy [ 02.01.2004 07:28 ]
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Author:  banjodeathmoddermonkey [ 03.01.2004 10:19 ]
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fan loudness isnt about size directly, the quietest ones typically are 80mm or higher cus the little ones dont do much...

mayhaps you should buy some cheap quiet fans from someplace... (i got some 24db 80mm's from a place for 3 bux USD each).... and swap the motor or something to cut down on sound. ducting mod would be a good choice for silencing that fan a bit tho.

Author:  GPW [ 03.01.2004 16:18 ]
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3 $ each that is damn cheap the cheapest quiet ones i can find are normally bout £10

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