AmmoBox PC-case Project
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Author:  ii [ 20.01.2004 13:54 ]
Post subject:  AmmoBox PC-case Project

First i must say im sorry that this will be hard to read for u. My english is pretty bad. :?

After my girlfriend started to play AvP2 in the net all the time i decieded to buy a new computer that i could use. I found this plastic box and tought it looks kewl enought to be my next mod.

Some pictures:

And ofcourse someone has done this before. Take a look at this. I will do my version a bit different and not near as cool as ZapWizard's version but i hope it will be nice.
Modding in Old School spirit.

Finnish people can read the orginal project-log from MuroBBS

Author:  ii [ 20.01.2004 14:00 ]
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Fitting the components in the case:


From these pics u can c how im going to do this.

Author:  ii [ 20.01.2004 14:04 ]
Post subject: 

Some electric work done:


Author:  ii [ 20.01.2004 14:12 ]
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Go away warm air:

Here u can c the 92mm fan blowing the warm air out of the case. I found this cool fangrill from one old 220v fan.
Im planning to add some LEDs to this fan later but im not sure if it will look good. There is a swithch on the front panel that is used to turn all the lights OFF so i can enjoy darkness when i want to.


Author:  ii [ 20.01.2004 14:19 ]
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This is my self-made LEDfan. i drilled place for 4 red LEDs. Only the fan blades are clear and everything else is black. Brightness of the LEDs can be adjusted.

At first i wasn't sure if LEDfan will look good at all but now im happy i made it.


i also posted this as a single mod to modgallery. Can be found here

Author:  japala [ 20.01.2004 14:42 ]
Post subject: 

Grr, I need to get that kind of ammobox from somewhere. ;)

Author:  kernel [ 20.01.2004 15:53 ]
Post subject: 

anyone know a good place in the uk for ammo box's, but dont say army surplus coz there aint none around me!!

Author:  ii [ 20.01.2004 16:18 ]
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japala wrote:
Grr, I need to get that kind of ammobox from somewhere. ;)

Are u serious? As a big fan of u i could get u one. But only for u.

Author:  ii [ 20.01.2004 16:25 ]
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It works:

i got all stuff hammered in the case and it is up and running now. Still much to do.


Author:  kernel [ 20.01.2004 18:24 ]
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a big fan of who?? me or japala??
the finished pics look F*****G great, hope i'm taht good someday!!!
p.s. your miss'us kicks a** if she like avp coz mine only like tetrus stuff!!

Author:  ZapWizard [ 21.01.2004 03:31 ]
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Good job,

I like the last picture the best

Author:  An@rchy [ 21.01.2004 03:54 ]
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does anyone know where to get ammo boxes in the land of Aussiestralia? BTW im a big fan of you ii, love your work. I like japala too! Wow we have so much in common! I once went to finland when I was 10. That was sooo fun! Can u send me one please??? Oh yeh, can u also plz send me some cloudberry wine too???

Author:  Tuukka [ 21.01.2004 20:34 ]
Post subject: 

This is fucking awesome. That frontpanel needs more... something. :idea:

Author:  An@rchy [ 22.01.2004 00:50 ]
Post subject: 

ooOOOoo language dood

Author:  crash [ 22.01.2004 01:00 ]
Post subject: 

lemme guess, ur virgin ears are hurting???

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