Second mod first case (Army case) Project Camo
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Author:  Rutger1413 [ 30.04.2004 06:31 ]
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sounds like fun. not sure if they ship internationally though.

Author:  EdHunTer [ 02.05.2004 19:12 ]
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well updates are going to happen tomorrow or the day after tomorrow at latest sorry but there were national holidays here plus we joined the EU and stuff so no shops were open to bus yome modding materials

Author:  Rutger1413 [ 02.05.2004 23:58 ]
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lol they closed the stores just for joining the EU.......fagzors

Author:  EdHunTer [ 03.05.2004 03:18 ]
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well who said politicians weren't fags ? :DD

Author:  Rutger1413 [ 04.05.2004 01:32 ]
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very true........they are everything from pot heads to rapists to criminals (all politicans are criminals in one way or another)

Author:  EdHunTer [ 07.05.2004 19:03 ]
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Okay i bought the new vent grills and going to cut the fan holes on the case hopefully tomorrow (if the thuderstorm that's currently raging stops) my green cathodes are still on the waiting list so to speak i'm also still looking for some cable couplers that can be attached to the walls of the metal casing also the new connectors will be cut tomorrow.

I bought a flexible extension for my Ferm Combitool (dremel copy) which should make things easier

I decided to paint the outside of the case to it's original dark-military-green colour if i can get the ppl at the paint shop to mix the exact colour the front of the case will also be painted in a -fallout-ish theme (who doesn't know what Fallout is lookit or

The vent control switches on the front will be wired so that one controls the two existing fans and the other the 3 new ones which will pull air in from the bottom of the left side and blow it out on the top ( this is so that i can operate the thing with the doors closed so that i won't have to fear of stuff burning up in there i'll update the pics if the webserver they're currently on will recover finally

Author:  Rutger1413 [ 07.05.2004 22:06 ]
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awsome.....I love those "Rotary tool" flex shafts. They are so nice and easyt to use.

Author:  EdHunTer [ 08.05.2004 18:41 ]
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okay so the weather wasn't so fine but i managed to cut the holes for the new vents and drill their holes along with the vent grills i also managed to cut in the 20 pin atx connector and the xlr connector into the backplate of the case

now the psu's box is pending cos of 2 problems 1 by the time i got to that my balls were freezing off and the rain started again 2 i only had a half glass fiber reinforced cutting wheel and for some reason the flex shaft for my combitool started to slip a lot (the cutting wheel got stuck all the time)

so that's unfinished business...

Now what's left to do:
- make final backplate for the case from metal
- put in 2 10 cm long green ccfls
- cut an opening in the side plate which will have a black or rust-brown metal grill in it and 2 vacuum-electron tubes behind it with the heating on (gonna look kewl :)
- cut another opening in the front plate for another of the fan grills (this will have the speaker behind it)
- make the (now black) upper plate of the front panel from metal
- add a green graphic LCD to the above mentioned plate and make a "shader" for it (something that you can see on the traffic lamps)
- paint the case military green and the front plate to the same color as now

heh i thought i was already almost done with this but now that i see the list i realized just how far away i am from "finished" :D

i'll post some pics when my dad brings back my camera (grr he always borrows it when i'm doing stuff) that means prolly tonight

Author:  EdHunTer [ 09.05.2004 00:37 ]
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well sorry but you'll hafta wait till tomorrow for the pics (camera in office me being fuckin too lazy to go git it:P )

Author:  Rutger1413 [ 09.05.2004 16:43 ]
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oh just teasin us, i see how it is.

Author:  EdHunTer [ 09.05.2004 17:21 ]
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nah got my camera right here pics'll be up in few hours (i have to get some new webspace first cos the server is still dud)

Author:  EdHunTer [ 09.05.2004 22:50 ]
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HEH! UPDATE TIME! (with pictures finally :))

so just the bare facts:
you can see the fan holes cut on the side with the fans already installed
the fan with the grill installed on top of the case (blow out hot air)
another shot of side with fan-holes
side with one grill installed
side with both grills installed
back plate with the xlr and the 20 pin atx installed (you can see the case is empty i wasn't stupid to leave the board inside while cutting :)
same as above
empty case from the front you can see the 20 pin connector and it's cable and all the fans inside
front panel with it's vent grill installed (that is not actually cut out there are only a few holes under it and behind is the pc speaker)
same thing but you can see the grill a lil better
a pic of fallout just to show what theme i'm going for

the grills are going to be painted along with the case and no not white but green on the outside and the one on the front will be brown
if you haven't than read the upper post cos this and that should be one thread

Author:  EdHunTer [ 10.05.2004 00:57 ]
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well i'm f*cked the lower vents prevent the front plate to be placed in because of the hdd so that will have to be placed elsewhere and also the metal holding the dvd drive will have to e cut because of the upper vent
nice fckup eh ? :PP

nyway hopefully i'll be able to assemble it for a test run tomorrow

Author:  Rutger1413 [ 10.05.2004 04:52 ]
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haha starting to look good. Cant wait to see it when its painted.

Author:  EdHunTer [ 11.05.2004 04:53 ]
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just a small update:
3 renderings from the possible faceplate outcome:




that's bout it

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