Project: Chemical Hazard - Phase 1
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Author:  Darth Bender [ 03.06.2004 23:16 ]
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crash wrote:
what he could do is make it an acrilic door with a window ;) he could just paint the outer edges and hide the psu holder thing, and just leave the middle of the acrilic clear.

yea, that would be neat... I've been considering it myself too =)

I'm not gonna do it though... gonna make a full-plexi case with some paint on instead =)

Author:  splinter_cell [ 03.06.2004 23:38 ]
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kinda like here

Author:  Rutger1413 [ 07.06.2004 01:37 ]
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i've looked at that mod several times.........its and inspiration.

Author:  splinter_cell [ 07.06.2004 18:28 ]
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i like how he uses the black tint and paint and they look like one until the lights come on. its soooo cool

Author:  dj eye con [ 08.06.2004 13:11 ]
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more recent pic, stealthed one of my drives, been lazy to do the other one... uhh... added 2 red fans and put bio-hazard grills on them. waiting for a 12" red ccfl and green uv ide cable and im also after an enermax a8 fan controller/monitor... :D
oh so pretty...

Author:  sean0 [ 08.06.2004 14:32 ]
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nicce bit too colourfull but alright, hurry up and paint the other panel :D

Author:  splinter_cell [ 08.06.2004 15:25 ]
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i still think there are to many colors but the pics arent clear unough for me to decide if it looks good or not. :?

Author:  Nado [ 08.06.2004 17:58 ]
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yea, bad pic... too much colors and it seems that u didn't do anything to that metal plate... :cry:

Author:  splinter_cell [ 09.06.2004 03:10 ]
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remove the aluminum foil, its ugly, oh and get/borrow/steal a new camera with wich to take pictures

Author:  Rutger1413 [ 09.06.2004 05:54 ]
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mmmmmm Christmas

Author:  splinter_cell [ 09.06.2004 06:04 ]
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*claps hands and jumps up and down flambouyantly
lol its JUNE

Author:  dj eye con [ 09.06.2004 10:58 ]
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i know, i need to cut that metal shit... very soon... but anyway.. here's my other side panel, cut and painted :D


Author:  splinter_cell [ 09.06.2004 14:55 ]
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paint the drives

Author:  crash [ 09.06.2004 20:01 ]
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id say for ya to try to have the front panel of that case match the color of the drives. if im seeing the color of the drives right, they look like a brushed metal color. that would look pretty sweet, good color scheme.

Author:  splinter_cell [ 09.06.2004 20:41 ]
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i think they are beige plastic. same color as the cd rom below them

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