Project: Chemical Hazard - Phase 1
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Author:  crash [ 09.06.2004 21:46 ]
Post subject: 

i dunno, look at the wall behind the case. that looks beige. :LOL:

Author:  splinter_cell [ 09.06.2004 22:13 ]
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only one person can clear this up for us. dj eye con are the drive bays beige plastic or some kind of brushed metal?

Author:  sean0 [ 10.06.2004 05:27 ]
Post subject: 

i know EXACTLY what he done, he painted them with silver paint ask him yerself !!!

Author:  splinter_cell [ 10.06.2004 06:04 ]
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i did ask, right above your post. he just hasnt replied yet

Author:  sean0 [ 10.06.2004 06:23 ]
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my bad i didnt see yor last post

Author:  dj eye con [ 10.06.2004 14:41 ]
Post subject: 

yeh, i painted them silver

Author:  Quentis [ 11.06.2004 06:20 ]
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Im not really enjoying all the colors, and youve got a real blank plate to work with here. I think you should go for that macro black effect. the colors really need to be fixed up...theyre so...colorful 8O. Foil has to go, perhaps spray it with chrome paint on the inside, or just use mirror. Ill be following this because ive noticed you in the galleries.. :P

Author:  dj eye con [ 12.06.2004 11:28 ]
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i was wondering when the hell you were gonna write abusive comments about my case, but u didnt... ahh i'v got something going on here :D thanks quentis ;) lol... anyway.. updates, uhh, a really fucking bright 12" red ccfl right near the three fans at the back, standing vertical.. theres kinda no orange anymore so its kinda red + green, to even the colours out i'll probably buy a 12" green ccfl... and uhh i got a green transperant ide round cable... what else... ?? ohh, i took out my useless cd rom drive, now theres nothing there so i was wondering what i could do... i would put a faceplate in there but i cant find any... anyone got any ideas :?:

Author:  splinter_cell [ 12.06.2004 15:08 ]
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for me i can just go to the store where i bought my case and get new faceplates for free. if you cant do that mke some out of acrilyc.

Author:  Quentis [ 13.06.2004 20:57 ]
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Im not really a huge forum user...I usually dont look at the user names in the gallery submissions. So if this looks like crap in the end, Ill tell you. :twisted:

Author:  dj eye con [ 14.06.2004 12:07 ]
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pic dosent really bring out the 'real' green thats in my case but anyway...


Author:  dj eye con [ 14.06.2004 12:09 ]
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*sigh* my wires are messy again, now i have to spend another 3 bucks to get some loom

Author:  sean0 [ 16.06.2004 09:18 ]
Post subject: 

tell me the dimensions of yer case and ill cut yer checkerplate for ya
cause the foil just dosnt cut it, also dont cut of that scrap metal cause you can put her cathode behind it

{every one hates visible cathodes}

then you might not need the geen n it wont look like a xmass tree somuch
and then youll get some more power back on that poor old psu

Author:  splinter_cell [ 16.06.2004 16:48 ]
Post subject: 

i still think you should paint the grey metal at the top fo the case. imo i dont really like the green red combination, im still tryin to figure out what red has to do with chamical hazard

Author:  Nado [ 16.06.2004 19:30 ]
Post subject: 

red and green are complemental contrasts (dunno if it's right, i just know the german word). usually they go good together. but maybe u r right, red doesn't match the theme...

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