My X-Box Style Case
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Author:  splinter_cell [ 20.08.2004 15:18 ]
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i told you when there are a lack of updates this kinda stuff hapens. it happened in mine too, most of the 4 pages in my project log are of a similar nature.

Author:  scott14277 [ 22.08.2004 15:49 ]
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Where is the best place to buy Acrylic/Plexiglass sheets?

Author:  Nado [ 22.08.2004 16:38 ]
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your local home depot should have some. if not, try ebay

Author:  splinter_cell [ 22.08.2004 23:32 ]
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go with home depot.

the guys in the window department know me by name. kinda sad huh?

Author:  Nado [ 22.08.2004 23:52 ]
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splinter_cell wrote:
the guys in the window department know me by name. kinda sad huh?

lol, that is cool. our home depot guys suck, in addition that store is too expensive.

Author:  splinter_cell [ 23.08.2004 00:25 ]
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whoops caps were on.

the radioshmack guys know me too. one of ems a modder. :D

i told him about metku, but i dont know if he has come here or not

Author:  sean0 [ 23.08.2004 13:20 ]
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best place?

any glass/ plastic shop will sell em,... orrr yer average hardware store lol

Author:  Quentis [ 25.08.2004 07:14 ]
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If you reside in the United States, Im not sure you do :?: You could try to find a glass place. I was surprised to find out when I started modding that I live by 3 places that sell it. So try looking in the phonebook

Its some russian guy who sells me acrylic. I usually dont have any idea what hes saying so Im force to smile at him and nod a lot. Cheap acrylic though. 8O

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