My X-Box Style Case
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Author:  scott14277 [ 11.08.2004 04:41 ]
Post subject:  My X-Box Style Case

I have decided to make an X-Box themed PC Case. It isn't going to be in an X-Box case, just a regular comp case w/ an X-Box theme. I got my dremel today (love this thing) and have proceeded with my first mod:
Remove the built in fan grill.

The rest of my plans:
Add a window (Black tinted so that it looks solid w/ case lights off?)
Paint the entire thing black
Replace all LEDs w/ green ones
Add Green Cold Cathode
Oh!! And put a glowing X-Box Logo somewhere on it.
Maybe Exch an X-Box Logo into the window and put Green LEDs in the window?

Whadaya Think?

Author:  Quentis [ 11.08.2004 04:47 ]
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How Xbox X shaped window instead? 8O

Good luck with the tinted window, its tough to make look good

Author:  scott14277 [ 11.08.2004 05:42 ]
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Yeah... I think I'm going to scrap the tinted window idea (simply too stupid of an idea). I'd have to deal with getting enough light inside of the case to make it look good. I think I will add an LCD however, since this may end up as a server and an LCD would be useful for a server. I should start posting photos here soon.

I've got an idea I wanna try. Tell me if it's been done plz:
1. Take an acrylic rod and sand it so that it's frosty.
2. Drill a hole in either side.
3. Hot glue a green LED in each hole.
4. Turn it on and use it as a cold cathode replacement
5. Reap the savings. :D

Author:  splinter_cell [ 11.08.2004 06:16 ]
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hey im doing the black case with green lights, get your own idea.

jk, im actually interested in seeing some pics, or at least some preliminary sketches

Author:  scott14277 [ 11.08.2004 21:10 ]
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My try again for these pics (I've edited this post how many times now?)
My New friend:
Plans for my window:
The Innards:
What should I sdo with this?:

Author:  scott14277 [ 11.08.2004 21:12 ]
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Wow!! Angelfire sux!
I will move servers here after I get some other stuff done.

Author:  scott14277 [ 12.08.2004 05:20 ]
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Okay... I'm too lazy to find a good image host, can't bother re-uploading them, and I want to note that I have cut my window (I can hear all you readers yelling "Yay!!, Go Scott!!" Just kidding). I have gone with Quentis' idea(thanx Quentis) and cut the window in an X-Box "X" shape. When I imagine that the panel is black, not off white, and has green light coming out of it, it looks great.
I have also put some notes on my front panel of what I wanna do w/ it. I will upload those pics when I fix my otherr pics.

Author:  splinter_cell [ 12.08.2004 07:21 ]
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yea we all figured out that angelfire sux months ago.

Author:  Darth Bender [ 12.08.2004 22:07 ]
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why didn't you just make the window 3D by cutting 2 straight lines and bending them out from the middle... that's how the buttsexbox logo is supposed to look anyways :)

Author:  splinter_cell [ 12.08.2004 23:08 ]
Post subject: 

Darth Bender wrote:
why didn't you just make the window 3D by cutting 2 straight lines and bending them out from the middle... that's how the buttsexbox logo is supposed to look anyways :)

that would look so cool. do it

Author:  Rutger1413 [ 13.08.2004 02:12 ]
Post subject: 

Tinting windows is not bad, especially a flat piece of plexi.

heres what mine looks like

Author:  scott14277 [ 13.08.2004 03:25 ]
Post subject: 

I already cut my window out. It will probably look more 3d when I paint the case, and i may bend it out a little, but the illusion is already there(sorta).

Author:  scott14277 [ 14.08.2004 03:55 ]
Post subject: 

Here is my window. Just imagine it's black with green light shining through.

Author:  splinter_cell [ 14.08.2004 05:36 ]
Post subject: 

BAD CUTS, find a file and straighten em, it looks really bad.

Author:  scott14277 [ 14.08.2004 06:50 ]
Post subject: 

It's just the one that I tried to cut with a reciprocal saw w/ a metal cutting blade(last time I try that). I'll try to clean it up, but it should look better when I put some piping on it.
One really quick question:
Why exactly are you supposed to put piping around the edge of your window hole before you put the plexiglass on? :?:

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