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Author:  Sws_ss [ 30.01.2005 01:43 ]
Post subject:  PCB Sceme

I would like the PCb sceme for this mod since I've got my hands on some PCB etching equipment. Could you send it to me by email or?

Author:  Sws_ss [ 31.01.2005 17:35 ]
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I'm in a hurry Japala..... :P

Author:  japala [ 31.01.2005 18:35 ]
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I'm not so sure that I still have them... The circuit is so fast to draw and I believe that I converted it to hpgl and didn't save the actual schematic. I'll take a look of my office comp tomorrow and see if I can find anything.

Author:  Sws_ss [ 31.01.2005 18:38 ]
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Ok, I got of my lazy butt and made a design, now I wonder if it will work...


Author:  japala [ 31.01.2005 19:53 ]
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You don't have a resistor placed on the PCB for the led. Add it if you don't have 12v leds. :)

Author:  Sws_ss [ 31.01.2005 20:58 ]
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Well, it's going to be connected to a laserled so....

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