Broken battery, or just doesnt work? Nokia 6600
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Author:  An@rchy [ 25.01.2007 14:42 ]
Post subject:  Broken battery, or just doesnt work? Nokia 6600

Hey, lol it's been a long time since I posted here :oops:
Anyway, I got one of these batteries from ebay, although it isn't OEM: ... 0071143818

As you can see, it's BL-6C, so I figured it would work

Brand NEW Extended Li-Ion Battery (non-OEM) 1150mAh for NOKIA Cell / Mobile Phones BL-6C    MODEL #: BTYNKBL6C

Get this long-lasting battery for maximum talk time
Rechargeable with no memory effect
Advanced Lithium Ion technology makes it possible

NOTICE: It's got a slightly higher mA hour rating than the OEM battery in the mod

Yeah, anyway I got it and i sanded the edge and whacked it into my 6600 and wow go figure, it just didn't work. So I guessed it wasn't charged up, so I plugged the nokia charger lead in and it still didnt turn on. It just doesnt seem to work, and I thought that with the charger and the battery both juicing the phone that it would at least turn on :wink:

I would put it in the phone and let it charge for 24 hours or something, but people tend to text and call me quite often and until it recharges (or not) i'd be in the dark. Is this battery faulty? Do people usually have to charge for like 24 hours before a battery shows signs of life?

The contact points on the battery seem fine, and pushing the battery further towards the springy ones on the phone doesn't seem to help much. I was sorta looking forwards to some extra standby time on this phone lol

Shout-outs to japala, crash, splintercell, rutger, and whoever else i've missed :P

Author:  An@rchy [ 07.02.2007 15:36 ]
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lol 240 views, no replies


Author:  japala [ 07.02.2007 17:41 ]
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hmm... there is always the possibility that the battery was broken when you bought it. I've heard so many horror stories when people buy batteries from ebay. Nintendo DS extended batteries, extra long operation time batteries for Ixus cameras etc. Many of these are already dead or the operating time is shorter than with the original battery...

And those view numbers do not tell the whole truth. There are number of bots that go through the forum every day so the view counts increase artificially.

Author:  An@rchy [ 09.02.2007 10:28 ]
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cheers mate
i guess that's always a possibility, so i've ebay msg'd the guy about it
worst comes to worst i've got a new $10 keychain/paperweight/artwork :lol:

bots eh?
jeez, doesn't that suck up your bandwidth?

and wow, it seems like you've really upped the finnish-speaking population on the forum! Good onya! :wink:

Author:  japala [ 09.02.2007 12:11 ]
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Or we are losing english speaking ones... ;)

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