So, How does it work?
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Author:  bjsterilite [ 27.07.2011 05:51 ]
Post subject:  So, How does it work?

I finally managed to get it together and work, but, I have no idea whats actually going on... :/

Could you explain how the circuit with the 4017 counter and 555 timer on the right works?

Also, how can i make it so the light fades in and out as it lights up?

Thank you!

Author:  japala [ 01.08.2011 11:53 ]
Post subject:  Re: So, How does it work?

So, the R and C (the resistor and the capacitor) next to the 555 timer circuit gives its "timebase". This means the time (the speed) between the pulses it gives out. These pulses are then fed to the 4017 counter and it activates one output pin at a time depening on the incoming pulses. That basically it...

For fading you will need to use a microcontroller and a PWM signal to fade one or more leds in and out in a sequence.

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