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PostPosted: 29.09.2003 13:49 
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:.BeanTech BT-85 Crystal Clear Acrylic Case @ The Modfathers
Once the outer bag was removed, I then had a chance to see the transparent tower in all its glory (with its plastic wrap still on of coarse!) and it looked fantastic, even without the fans on!

:.Cooler Master Aero 7+ CPU Cooler @ VoidedWarranty
This is another " blower" type cooler with an all-copper heatsink. The whole blower theory makes perfect sense, and if you have a fan at home, you can test it by holding your hand in front of it. You'll notice that there is no air flow in the center. The blower, however, allows air to flow evenly across the entire surface.

:.Dynatron DC1206BM-L/610-P-CU HS @ Ohls-Place
Dynatron has been a major player in the heat sink industry for more years than most of us can count. So when given a chance to look at their Model DC1206BM-L/610-P-CU we weren't about to pass it up.

:.EKL Blade XP HS @ Ohls-Place
We reviewed the EKL Radial 80 S478 Heat Sink a few months back and came away with a smile. Today we will be looking at the EKL Blade XP, will it be as good as it predecessor or just another heat sink to toss in the closet?

:.Vantec Nexus Rheobus @ enScape
Although some people might find this particular rheobus limiting as it does not offer the option to turn the fans completely off. You can only adjust the voltage between 12 volts (full power) and 7 volts (near enough half power). From personal experience however this feature, or lack of, is understandable. The change in noise levels from going between 12 volts and 7 volts is very noticeable, but the change in noise levels between 7 volts and turning the fan off is almost unnoticeable to the majority of people.

:.Nexus NXP-301 Fan & Light Controller @ TwistedMods
This is probably the most well-designed Nexus product I've come across since the eye-catching Nexus Multifunc! The product looks sharp, and everything is user friendly to the max! Let me familiarize you with the product.

:.Speeze HawkStream Socket A Cooler @ A True Review
The HawkStream Socket A cooler is a stylish cooler for providing basic cooling to your CPU. While searching the NET for Speeze I found that most companies who carry the Hawkstream are in Europe.

.:DIY articles
:.Shuttle Mod - Part One @ PirateSoftware
I got my original tint for free, obviously using this in my first attempt, I took a trip back down to the window tinting place not far from where I live. When I got there they was working on an X5 (BMW 4x4 thingy!), they were tinting it for an *unknown pop star*. The tint they were using they had got in special for this X5, it was '2 levels' darker than ordinary tint, apprently. So of course, I snagged some of this! Darker the better.

:.Perfect Glowing Frontground @ Modding-Station
*Article in Germany*

:.Eumax EZ8000 Keyboard @ Ohls-Place
Overall this is a "Kick-ass" product, oh wait some one else uses that line. All in all this is a very slick and user friendly keyboard and the fact that it can be configured to your own setting makes it even better.

:.Winamp Remote Control @ HiTechMods
This remote control will allow you to adjust many setting within Winamp from anywhere in the room. But it is not only limited to Winamp, you can use it to control just about anything on your computer.

:.EZ-7000 and FOLD-3000 keyboards @ ohls-place
Today we are looking at two more keyboards from Eumax, one of them for your office and one of hem for hazardous waste environment. or perhaps a medical ward. You'll have to read the eview to see what I am talking about.

:.Corsair TWINX1024-4000 ProSeries @ Viper Lair
To be able to run your ram 1:1 at 290FSB is simply unbelievable. Now, it'd be a lie to say we were stable at this point. Moving down to 288FSB brought some stability back (we're still at 3.0v), but the system still periodically rebooted itself, at totally random intervals. Moving to 3.2v didn't help matters, so we had to lower our speed a little more. At 285FSB, everything was golden.

:.Corsair Twinx512x-3200LL @ R&B
It was a pleasure to try out this memory and we really do recommend this as it's probably the best memory out there. All that I can find wrong with this pack is that is a little pricey. You can count on around 250$ for this but if you want to have the best you have to be able to pay for it also. All in all we at rbmods give this 5 out of 5 and a recommendation.

:.OCZ 512meg Platinum Dual Channel PC3200 Memory Kit @ Tweaknews
The OCZ Platinum Dual Channel Memory Kit would be an expensive stock or mild overclocking alternative to generic memory, but honestly any informed consumer would be better off putting your money into the Corsair TwinX PC3200 kit for the SAME money and be able to push your system to the edge.

:.DFI LanParty NForce II Ultra @ The Tech Lounge
Thankfully, DFI produces a NForce II Ultra based motherboard in the Lan Party series, and if the board makes good use of the NForce II chipset, your overclocking worries may be over. So follow along my friends, as we venture into the mysterious world of... well... umm... motherboards. Yeah.

Metku | AlltheMods | LedCalc | Teknolelu | AndroidCoding
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