OLED Technology by 4D Systems

Author: Aki Korhonen
Published: 25.06.2009
Product manufacturer: 4D Systems
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Getting a nice and easy to use screen to a project can be a bit too tricky as it usually involves some complex fiddling with libraries etc. But don't worry, here's a nice solution to this problem: OLED displays from 4D Systems with a ready and easy to use carrier boards.


Introcution to 4D Systems OLED Technology

4D Systems offers these screens in many sizes and flavors, ranging from (at the time of writing) 0.96" mini displays to bigger 2.83" displays (with or without a touch panel) and also normal LCD-panels in 2.2" and 3.2" sizes. We have couple of their OLED displays here to test and we'll introduce you to a small 0.96" display and a 2.4" display with touch panel.


Introcution to 4D Systems OLED Technology

The heart of these display modules are 4D System's two embedded chips called Goldelox and Picaso which provide simple usage over the displays and some nice features which we'll introduce to you later in this article. The carrier boards in the modules have a micro-SD slot for memory card, pin headers for power and serial communications and more. Let's first start playing with the small stamp sized 0.96" display which is very versatile and interesting display for its size.

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µOLED-32024-P1T Touchscreen OLED

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