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Author: Aki Korhonen
Published: 25.06.2009
Product manufacturer: 4D Systems
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µUSB-MB5 - USB to serial adapter

µUSB-MB5 is a small sized USB to serial adapter that has a been manufactured to be used with the display modules that 4D Systems provides as the pinout is the same. It also has some pin headers so that you can push it onto a prototyping board if needed. Attaching the adapter to the displays is easy; just look that the texts next to the pins match on both devices and you're good to go. The adapter is needed for firmware updates and to transfer the 4DGL programs (more about this later in the article) onto the module.

The adapter is based on CP2102 Bridge chip from Silicon Labs and the dimensions for the adapter are 24mm * 17mm (15mm * 17mm without the 5-pin connector).

Product page for the adapter where you can find additional information about the adapter and also the latest drivers (Windows/Linux/Mac):


Introcution to 4D Systems OLED Technology
USB serial adapter


Introcution to 4D Systems OLED Technology
µOLED-96-G1 with the USB serial adapter and a cable connected



For up-to-date links and information of different programs what you'll need in order to use the display module either in serial platform or 4DGL platform mode, visit the display module's product page:

Go to "Downloads" tab and you'll find everything you need. All the programs are unfortunately Windows-only, but they might work under Wine on Linux. This info will be updated here after it's confirmed. The 0.96" display module came with the serial platform firmware installed so it's possible to start using it by sending serial commands to it. All the serial commands are listed in the user manual and we'll come to this later when we test out some serial examples.

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