OLED Technology by 4D Systems

Author: Aki Korhonen
Published: 25.06.2009
Product manufacturer: 4D Systems
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µOLED-32024-P1T, 2.4" OLED Module with Touch - Intro

µOLED-32024-P1T is a 2.4" sized OLED module with a touch panel and is controlled by the Picaso chip. This is one of the four display modules that use the same motherboard, as seen from the list below. The display has a resolution of 240x320 pixels and the dimensions of the module are less than a regular playing card. You can see all the other features below.


Introcution to 4D Systems OLED Technology
µOLED-32024-P1T front and back

  • There are 4 modules in the µOLED-3202X-P1 series (all with a resolution of 240x320):
    • µOLED-32024-P1 - 2.4" non-touch
    • µOLED-32024-P1T - 2.4" with-touch
    • µOLED-32028-P1 - 2.83" non-touch
    • µOLED-32028-P1T - 2.83" with-touch
  • QVGA 240 x RGB x 320 pixel resolution with 256, 65K or 262K true to life colours enhanced AMOLED screen.
  • Near 180 degree viewing angle.
  • All modules use the same controller board. PCB Size: 49.1 x 67.3 x 11.0mm.
  • Easy 5 pin user interface (VCC, TX, RX, GND, RESET) to any 4D micro-USB module such as µUSB-MB5 or the µUSB-CE5.
  • Voltage supply from 4.5V to 5.5V, current @ 90mA nominal when using a 5.0V supply source.
  • Powered by the fully integrated PICASO-GFX Graphics Processor.
  • Onboard micro-SD (µSD) memory card adaptor with full FAT16 file support for storing and executing 4DGL programs, files, icons, images, animations, video clips and audio wave files.
  • Built in extensive 4DGL graphics and system library functions. For all available features and functions under the 4DGL programming language please visit the 4DGL web page.
  • 2 x 30 pin headers for I/O expansion and future plug-in daughter boards.
  • Audio amplifier with a tiny 8-Ohms speaker for sound generation and wave file playback.
  • Mechanical support via mounting tabs which can be snapped off.


Introcution to 4D Systems OLED Technology
Picaso chip on the µOLED-32024-P1T's control board


Introcution to 4D Systems OLED Technology
µOLED-32024-P1T with the USB serial adapter and a comparison with a playing card

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