Assembly '05

Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 02.08.2005
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Assembly '05 is one the of largest demo- and lan-parties in the world. Held now for the 14th time and gathering around 5000 visitors in four days from over 20 countries. Main partners include such names as Microsoft, ASUS and ZyXEL, the event is further sponsored by numerious companies like Sony, AMD and ATI.

Coders, graphics artists and other demo scene people competed in over 20 different categories with the prizes totaling over 70.000 USD. Every year there are thousands of gamers battling each others on the 3000 computer LAN and this year the national World Cyber Games (WCG) qualifications were held in this arena as well. Winners of the Counter-strike and Warcraft III: Frozen Throne matches will represent Finland in the finals that are taking place in Singapore in November 2005.



The main hall

Hartwall-Areena in Helsinki, Finland was once again packed with flashing monitors, big speakers, modded computer cases, large storages of fast food and energy drinks. As this is my first visit to the Assembly, I'll try to show you what is it like to be witnessing this huge happeing to take place. I'm sure that I'll miss some areas that I just didn't notice on the location as there is so much happening all the time but hopefully you'll get the idea what this is all about.

Image above was my first view to the main hall. As gamers wear headsets while gaming, the noise coming from all these people and computers is surprisingly low. Sure there are some people that are playing their favorite tunes with all the available bass that their system can provide but organizers are keeping eye on the desibel levels and will intervene if someone gets too carried away. You will be immediatelly sucked in to the "Assembly stage of mind" when you enter this sea of flashing lights from the bright sunlight outside. Welcome to Assembly '05!

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