Assembly '05

Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 02.08.2005
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The ring

So there are a lot of people sitting in front of their computers on the main arena. For those that would like to walk around a bit to make blood circulate again on their feet, Assembly offered a wide array of booths, additional attractions and even more gaming around the arena. I'll go through some of the more interesting ones next.


Game Heaven

Game Heaven was the place for hardcore gamers. No music here. Just a lot of shouting while team members ordered others to "go to the bomb site B!" or "need some help over here, I'm protecting the site all by myself!!". Clearly the best seats for people who are passionate about online and LAN gaming.



Asus were showcasing their latest motherboard and graphics adapter lineups. They also hosted a PC clinic that helped visitors if they had something wrong with their current computer setup. To invite more people in, they held a tattoo competition where visitors were urged to come up with the coolest possible tattoo and the suggestions had to be submitted "on-skin". No prints allowed!



Sony brought their latest TFT and laptop models to the show. They also had some grazy rebates during the Assembly for the visitors and I just barely managed to keep myself from buying one of their 75P TFTs. Their booth was also one of the few that had a "booth babe". Apparently the marketing divisions of the companies feel that Finnish geeks don't know how to appreciate the beauty of opposite sex. If only they knew!



As there were so many young people visiting the Assembly, it was a great place to show what education they should concider in the future. Evtek Institute of Technology used a set of Apple workstations to gather more people to their stand.



Ulti-Mat Table Hockey Tournament

Ulti-mat were hosting a table hockey tournament that was open to all visitors. Great idea if you ask me.


New products

You may remember our review of the Ulti-mat mousepad that we made a while ago. In Assembly they published a wide range of new mousepads and related products. I believe you'll be seeing them reviewed on this site in near future so stay tuned if you want to know how to make your mouse slide around the table top even faster and with better control.

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