Assembly '05

Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 02.08.2005
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The ring


Pizza Hut

Even hardcore gamers got to eat sometimes. Pizza Hut was one of the places that offered relief to just that problem. The picture was taken around 03:00 so there were not that many customers but during the day time hours, all of the booths offering food at location (Pizza Hut, Hesburger and R-kioski) were packed with hungry visitors. Coffeeshop offered home cookings so one didn't have to eat fast food all the time.


World Cyber Games nordic qualifications were hosted in Assembly '05 for the first time. Winner in the Counter-strike was Astralis. In WarCraft 3: TFT the winner was Leijonanmieli. In both categories the grand prize was a ticket to Singapore were the winners of these qualification matches are going to compete against the elite gamers from around the world.


Counter-strike & WarCraft 3

Machines used in this tournament were Shuttle's XPCs with AMDs 64 bit processors and had Samsung monitors.


Limited amount of audience

Rest of audience outside

To minimize the distractions for the players the amount of spectators in the game arena were limited. Those who could not get in had to follow the match from two plasma screens located just outside of the game room. Many visitors took the opportunity and used their own networked computers to watch the matches via HLTV.

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