Assembly '05

Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 02.08.2005
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Big screen

All demo, music and art compos were shown via this huge video screen. All material were also streamed through the internet and on Cable TV in certain parts of Finland by Assembly TV. Over 70 hours worth of live videofeed from the whole duration of Assembly '05


Gaming with a towel

As the main arena was populated by hundreds of computers, there would had been no chance of enjoying the demos when people were gaming or listening their own music at the same time. Because of this the whole arena were ordered to "Kill all audio and lights" with some funny animations and very loud sound. Even after this there were some that just couln't stop playing and had to resort to what ever ideas they could come up with.


4k intro prizes

Prizes to the different compos were awarded on the front stage. In this photo we have a representative from Electronic Arts giving away prize for the top three works on the 4k intro compo. Link to results and to all the submitted entrys to compos can be found at the end of this article.



Assembly offers all necessary facilities to keep yourself clean. There are also areas that are meant for sleeping. Some people just didn't want to leave their place and slept in what ever position they found... well, possible. I've heard rumors that some LAN parties have problems with thieves. Here in Assembly it is totally safe to go to sleep when feeling like it and leave everything as they were. On-Site security is well organized and fast to respond to any problem that one could encounter.

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