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Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 02.08.2005
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Football (picture copyright Ville Suvanto)

Football was one of the events that I missed. There were also a competition on basketball on the yard. Other, bit different events were floppy disk and compact disk throwing competitions. Winner of the CD compo got the disk to fly 62 meters. On the hallways there were RobotWars compo, karaoke, dance mat compos, Burnout 3 compo etc. Organizers urge people to host their own compos so the selection will grow even larger the next year. You have some new idea in mind? Plan it and host it on Assembly '06.



We have covered games, demos and tons of different kinds of compos but even after all this there is even more to experience. For those who like to learn more about the technologies and techniques behind all of these demos and games, free seminars are the way to go. This year the seminars covered a wide array of topics. For example Richard Huddy from ATI talked about Crossfire technology and Petri Kero from Hybrid gave his presentation on how to implement OpenGL ES on embedded devices. The whole list can be found from ARTtech '05 section of the Assembly '05 website.


Author's setup

And finally a view from my own setup that I brought for Assembly '05. HP laptop, modded XboX and 7" TFT screen for it. Colin McRae rally was really something when played splitscreen via this tiny monitor. ;)


As this was my first time visiting Assembly, I can't compare it against the previous year. What I've heard is that the next Assembly, The '06 version will be even bigger and better. 15th. time coming so organizer are sure to try their best to make it the best Assembly ever.

It is hard to imagine what would be missing from the current format. We have games, demos, music, art, technology, seminars and all the other events that I can't even remember. Hartwall-Areena is a great place to host all this as it has all the latest facilities to accommodate all of the guests and serve them in best possible way. We just have to wait and see what is coming. One thing is certain; I wouldn't miss it for the world and neither should you!

PS. Here are the results and competition releases. Watch all the demos and hear all the music that were entered to the different compos during the Assembly'05.

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