Assembly Summer '08

Biggest LAN/Demo party in Finland
Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 07.08.2008
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There are some great LAN events hosted around the world each year. Here in Finland that event is the Assembly. With over 5000 participants this four day event offers a lot of lights, noise and great people. Perfect place to meet all those people you normally just IRC or use the Messenger with. Like in the past events, the Assembly organization gathered a nice package that included outdoor sports, seminars, tons of combos including music, graphics, demo coding and naturally gaming etc.

This article will focus on the view that we in got. There will not be that much text but be sure to note that every photograph contains a description when you view them. Please, give the pages time to load properly so the image viewing script works right. I hope you get at least some kind of understanding what Assembly is all about and why you should come and visit it next year.

Assembly Summer '08

Door were opened on thursday, 31.07.2008. Before this, Assembly organizers had reserved few hours for people to come in via the loading doors and setup their computers, lights, speakers etc. on the arena floor. Lights in the arena were then turned off and the opening ceremony started the event.


As the Hartwall arena itself isn't that huge, there are not that many stands. Couple of biggest hardware manufacturers presenting their latest hardware, couple of hardware resellers offering gaming hardware, schools trying to get new students etc. Perhaps this is one of the areas that I would like to improve on the Assembly. Gaming and watching demos is nice but between them there are a lot of time to kill and these stands would offer great service for that.

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