Assembly Summer '08

Biggest LAN/Demo party in Finland
Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 07.08.2008
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Assembly Summer '08

Modding Workshops

MetkuMods and Dremel hosted couple of modding workshops during the event. In the past, modding hasn't been that big of a part of the Assembly so hopefully we convinced the organizers to take a closer look what modding can offer to the event. Assembly promotes creativity via the music, graphics and demo compos and I feel that modding is the perfect way to show off the creativity with hardware.

The setup

Dremel supplied us with the latest tools and the idea was to show how to use them in modding. First day covered engraving and second day dealed with metal work. As the engraving was such a hit, the tools for it were usable for the visitors on the second day too. Me and MetkuMods crew brought some of the projects to be shown off at the tables. This to give the visitors a better idea what one can do when the tools are combined with a vivid imagination.

The crew

Comparing to the last year's visit to the Campus Party, we had a totally different lineup of modders at the Assembly. I had Willek and HaoKi with me the whole time and Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama visited us briefly on the second day. Willek and Haoki are both avid metal fabricators and because of this they make a fine addition to our crew.

The visitors

Eventhough we only had couple of timeslots reserved for us to do our modding, people found us quite nicely. Tables were set up in the lobby area of the Arena so we managed to reach many kinds of people. Once the engravers started to make the noise, people got curious and started to flow our way.

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