Assembly Summer '08

Biggest LAN/Demo party in Finland
Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 07.08.2008
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Assembly is also about education. Seminars this year included programming and robot related classes. You can download the video material from them via the Assembly FTP.

This and that

We are coming to the end of our photo report but here are some misc. shots that didn't seem to fit any of the categories so far.



This was the event in 2008. Hopefully we can give the visitors an even better modding workshop next year. Plans are already in motion and if you have anything to suggest on what we should do next year. Please, join us in the forum and post a comment. Your feedback is important!

All the entries to the different compos can be downloaded from the Assembly FTP. I suggest you to at least check out the 64k intro winner - the Panic Room. This will be tough to beat next year and the Fairlight crew gave an ultimatum that they will not make another intro until someone surpasses the Panic Room first. Bold words but they have something to back it up.

I would like to thank Assembly organization, visitors that came to the workshops, Dremel and MetkuMods team for the event and the good times that we had. Special thanks goes to Aki Korhonen as he generously donated his photographs to be used in this report. Check out rest of the photos that he took at the event on his gallery pages.

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Questions, Comments?. Visit the topic about this article on our forum.
  • 06.08.2008 23:33 japala

  • Any thoughts, comments about the event or our workshops?

    Kysymyksiä tai kommetteja tapahtumasta tai Metkun Workshopeista?
  • 07.08.2008 01:49 J.A.A.

  • En nyt tiiä kuuluuko tänne, mutta mulla avast! valittaa, että Panic Room on virus.

  • 07.08.2008 11:45 HaoKi

  • Veikkaisin et tossa avast! on se ongelma... En jaksa uskoa et tuolla olis virusta filuissa kun on oikeesta paikasta haettu...
  • 07.08.2008 17:09 HaoKi

  • Too bad ASM08 was over before it really even began...:D 4 days is too short...:) Hopefully we'll get to do something like this again next year... Really had a lot of fun messing around at the workshops...
  • 07.08.2008 17:26 AK

  • It was my sixth Assembly in a row and a good event once again. The workshops were a nice addition and hopefully more of those are seen during the next events.
  • 07.08.2008 17:48 Stina

  • Last year I made a quick one day visit and this year I spent all four days in the event. Next year, well, I suppose I'll be back. Depends a bit on Japala, too ;)

    Viime vuonna kävin nopeasti päiväseltään ja tänä vuonna viihdyin kokonaiset neljä päivää assyilla. Ensi vuonna lienen myös paikalla, joskin se riippuu vähän Japalasta ja sen suunnitelmista mun varalle ;)

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