Assembly Winter '09

When you don't feel like skiing!
Author: Toni 'HaoKi' Siik
Published: 27.02.2009
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Assembly Winter 2009 was organized at Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre (Pirkkahalli) during the past weekend. When the Summer Assembly events have traditionally been demoparties, Winter Assembly is targeted toward the gaming crowd. Instead of the artistically aspiring compos, Winter Assembly is concentrated on gaming-compos. I myself have missed the earlier Winter Assembly events so I really didn't know what the event would have in store for me. Here are some pictures from the event.

At the party

While the party started on Friday the 20th of February, I managed to drag myself to the party area on Saturday afternoon. I seem to have been way too excited when arriving at Pirkkahalli, as I forgot to take any pictures of the place during the day.

Here we can see some pictures from inside Pirkkahalli. They had around 1200 computer places setup in one of the larger halls. In addition to the computer places they had a mainstage where most of the gaming action happened in front of an audience. I really do think that its a nice touch, as this way you can see the competitors playing instead of just following the scores via some webpage or HLTV.

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