Assembly Winter '09

When you don't feel like skiing!
Author: Toni 'HaoKi' Siik
Published: 27.02.2009
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Compos have always been the a part of Assembly-events and this one is no different. I actually saw the award ceremonies for the Pro COD4- and CS:S tournaments. The tournaments this year seem to have had a really high level, as they included teams all the way from Sweden etc. The COD4 tournament ended in the victory of fnaticMSI.CoD4, which had traveled all this way from Sweden to compete in the compo. The CS:S tournament was won by The Last Resort this time.

Robosota was also present at the event and they had their own competitions as well.


A the level of competition has been extremely high at the Summer events, it was interesting to see what kind of cases they had here at the Winter event. To my disappointment I only saw one case that was a bit out of the ordinary pre-mod case that you could buy from the stores. This time the best mod that I saw was a setup that was stylishly placed in a large lantern. I really hope that she won the Coolest-case compo this time and I hope to see something from her at the Summer Assembly this year.


As the gaming crowd grows from year to year, I think that arranging an event for them really is a nice move from the Assembly arrangers. The event seems still to be a bit raw when compared with the summer event, but this may have been caused by the backing out of some of the main sponsors due to the current economical situation. I hope we get to participate at the event again next winter.

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