Assembly Winter '10

LAN Gaming event in Kaapelitehdas

Author: Toni 'HaoKi' Siik
Published: 28.01.2010
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Just like last year, the Assemby-crew organized the annual Assembly Winter event which is solely concentrated on gaming, unlike the summer-event. While the last winter-event was organized at the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre or TESC for short, the event moved all the way to Helsinki. The venue chosen for the winter-event was Kaapelitehdas, located in Ruoholahti. We took a quick visit to the event, so we'd see how the new location suited the event. In the end we ended up, snapping pictures for the evening, after which we drove back to Tampere. Here's what got captures through our lenses.


Getting to the party


Assembly Winter '10 - LAN Gaming event in Kaapelitehdas
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Our journey towards the venue of choice started at around 2PM on friday. We put the pedal to the metal and turned our headlights towards the south. After a grueling drive of around three hours, we finally parked the car in front of Kaapelitehdas. Our crusade had turned out longer than expected, as we hit the traffic-jams of 4PM in the city center. The location of the venue is a bit problematic in this respect. While the TESC was located right off the highway in Tampere, to get to Kaapelitehdas you'd either have to drive through the center or take a detour. Of course this depends on which direction you are coming from.

Upon arriving another thing became fairly clear. While we could park our car in front of the place, we'd have to move it as soon as we'd gotten our stuff out of the car. Luckily we found a free parking space right next to the front doors and we only had to pay a total of 3. so we'd be able to park there for the remainder of the event. Altogether the parking is one of the things that could've ruined, or at least made our stay expensive if we weren't as lucky as we were. The location really does not give that many possibilities to park as the earlier places.


Assembly Winter '10 - LAN Gaming event in Kaapelitehdas
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The event was mainly organized in the Merikaapeli-halli of the Kaapelitehdas complex, which is really long and narrow. It's a big step away from the HUGE space, that was available for use at TESC. This is not a bad thing however, it's a great deal easier to get a nice atmosphere in a space that's a bit smaller, and I personally think that the chosen space suited the event incredibly well.

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