Assembly Winter '10

LAN Gaming event in Kaapelitehdas

Author: Toni 'HaoKi' Siik
Published: 28.01.2010
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At the Party

When we arrived at the party, it was fairly nicely on it's way already. About half of the computer places were already setup, with gamers eagerly playing away. Here are just some of the pictures that we took while at the event.

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The main stage

Every event needs a main stage. This time the main stage was taken up by 12 gaming places, where the pros would see who's king. Every setup had a second screen pointing towards the audience so they'd be able to see what everyone on each team was doing. We managed to see a couple TF2 pro-matches, some CS:S and the WoW-guild Paragon raiding on the main stage. I personally loved watching these matches and events, which all were commentated in a very professional manner.

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