Assembly Winter '10

LAN Gaming event in Kaapelitehdas

Author: Toni 'HaoKi' Siik
Published: 28.01.2010
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The Sponsors

While the Winter-event didn't have nearly as many sponsors as the Summer-event, some of them had their stands setup for the enjoyment of the visitors.


Jimm's PC-store

Jimms has been one of the major sponsors for the Assembly events lately and this Winter-event was no exception. They had their store setup, with all kinds of action happening there. We had some nice girls giving out hats, Petri "SF3D" Korhonen and Sami "macci" Mäkinen doing some extreme overclocking, a cool case on display (by me ), and a slew of competitions to go with it.

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Pelit-magazine had their own stand setup, with a place to chill and a place to shred some tunes on Guitar Hero or DJ Hero.


Assembly Winter '10 - LAN Gaming event in Kaapelitehdas


Assembly Winter '10 - LAN Gaming event in Kaapelitehdas

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