Campus Party 2007

11th time in Valencia, Spain
Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 08.08.2007
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There are LAN Gaming events and then there are THE LAN Gaming Events! This article will show you what we experienced in the 11th Campus Party in Valencia, Spain. As there were so much to see, I'm sure that we missed a lot, but hopefully you'll get the idea what this Europe's largest LAN Party is all about.

There are tons of photographs in this article but I believe in this case it was justified. In each image I attached a short explanation on what is happening in the shot. Hope you find them interesting.

11th Campus Party

I'm not too educated on the history of the Campus Party but I do know that this was the 11th time this event was held. This year there were over 8100 participans during the 23rd to 29th of July. To give you some perspective, here in Finland, we have a bit similar LAN Gaming event called Assembly. While being the biggest event of its kind nationally and held 16th time this year, it only manages to gather around 5000 visitors.

While the main focus of the Campus Party is gaming, the event is divided to different sections like Astronomy, CampusBot, CampusCrea, Gaming, Modding, Simulation etc. As there is so much to see, one can easily get overwhelmed by everything that is happening around. On the other hand, as the event lasts the whole week, these different sections makes the stay more interesting and one just can't get bored.

Other thing that makes the event bit different from your normal LAN party is that it is meant for people over 18 years of age. Younger participants are allowed only when accompanied by an adult. It was actually quite refreshing to see all these "grown-ups" playing Counter-strike and fool around like they were kids again. I believe that the higher average age of the visitors made for example the workshops a lot more successful because they were genuinely interested on what they saw. People wanted to take the time and effort to learn from the experience.

The Crew

I believe it was mid-winter -06 - 07 when we received the invitation to come and host a couple of modding workshops in the modding area. This was the first time I heard about the event. Eventhough the Campus Party is the largest event of its kind in Europe, it is still mainly visited by Spanish people and is not that well know around other parts of Europe. When I went throught the photos from the last year's event on the Campus Party website, I was sold! Trip to a country that I had never visited but also a chance to promote modding in a way that I had never tried: Live!

I just knew that as there are so many visitors, people would love to see different mods and different techniques to be shown to them. That is why I decided to take some modders from with me.

Antti Hakala - Modder that is an author for mods like LogiWood, Embryo Zero and TransTFT.

Jouni Vasama - My right-hand-man when it comes to reviews in Metku. He also does a lot of modding and hopefully we will see his projects featured in Metku soon.

Olli Vanhoja - Electronics guy. Passioned about Valve Tubes and everything retro.

My wife Christina also accompanied us as I knew that we needed someone to take care of everything else besides modding. I initially thought that this could be a refreshing break and some payback for her for all the years that she had put up with my modding. In the end, I'm not that sure that my plan worked out quite as I planned it but she seemed happy... and tired.

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