Campus Party 2007

11th time in Valencia, Spain
Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 08.08.2007
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Workshop #1

We hosted two workshops at the Campus Party. First one was held on Wednesday and included a brief interview at the start. Antonio "grilled" me and Antti about our previous modifications that we had done and also asked questions like "do you plan the mods beforehand at all?". After the interview we moved to actual modding. Jouni and I demonstrated different engraving methods to acrylic.

Workshop #2

The second workshop was on Thursday. First we introduced on how to plan modifications with 3D programs like 3DStudio Max and Google Sketchup. This gave both Antti and Jouni a chance to show how they usually plan their mods. I don't do that much planning so I remained in front of the desk and made some more engraving during their presentation. After the software part, Antti got the stage and modded a MX518 gaming mouse from Logitech with leather. At the same time Olli changed the red sensor led from the other MX518 to blue one.

I was bit surprised on how interested the people were about our modding. It was easy to get people from the audience to step up and try engraving themselves. We also got a lot of questions and to me that is a clear indication that we were doing something worthwhile. Each workshop had around two hours reserved for them but in both cases that time was not nearly enough.

It was also quite interesting to work with a professional translator that sat next to me during the interview. As surprisingly few Spanish people speak english, all the questions and answers were translated for them.

Modding at Campus Party

While it is nice to teach something that you know to others, it is equally or even better when you can educate yourself in the process. We made a lot of new friends while roaming around the arena, checking what kind of mods visitors had made to their own setups. It was great to see that there are still a lot of innovative modders out there who try to think with their own brain and not just copy what others have done. There were a huge number of premodded cases and mods visible but in general we liked what we saw.

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