DIY MultiCopter - Part 1.

How to build yourself a multicopter!

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Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 07.04.2013

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DIY MultiCopter - Part 1. - How to build yourself a multicopter!

This is all that was planned to be in part 1. Based on this information you should now be able to surf to an online shop specialized in multicopters and buy the parts you need for the build. There is no single recipe for making the perfect copter though. When choosing the parts, be prepared for a long hours of surfing on the web, in order to find the parts that will work together the best. I'll try my best to reply to all the questions posted below to the commenting section.


DIY MultiCopter - Part 1. - How to build yourself a multicopter!

Next part in this DIY series should contain information on my next multicopter build. The thing is that I still haven't decided whether I'll do an H Quad or a Tricopter. The plan for the H Quad is more "mature" and it would serve as my first FPV platform. The idea is to bolt on a second camera to the copter, hook up the LCD glasses to the video receiver and fly "from aboard". FPV flight and the needed equipment for it is one of the topics that I feel most passioned about and hopefully I get a chance to do an article about it as well. And finally, here is a small sample on what kind of ride one might expect on getting when flying FPV!

Video by trincotactical

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