DIY MultiCopter - Part 1.

How to build yourself a multicopter!

Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 07.04.2013

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DIY MultiCopter - Part 1. - How to build yourself a multicopter!

Propellers are alongside the engines one of the toughest choices. Online shops dedicated to multicopters make it reasonably easy to choose the set meant for your particular copter setup. Still, there are tons of sets to choose from and you need to understand why there are so many variables that affect the selection. There are a variety of sizes, blade angles, colors, materials, direction of rotation, etc.

Online stores usually tell which size of prop is optimal for the particular motor. If you are lucky, there may even be a list of figures that indicate the different amount of lift that you can achieve with different voltages and propeller dimensions.

For example, in connection with the awesome DT750 motor, this kind of information can be found:

DIY MultiCopter - Part 1. - How to build yourself a multicopter!

The engine is designed for 11.1 V operating voltage (3S battery). KV number is 750, and the maximum current intake of the motor is 18 amps. The propeller should preferably be 11 inches and blade angle should be 3.8 or 4.7. With these values you get far and the choise of propeller with this motor is pretty easy. Note that the motor could work with a smaller or a larger propeller but then the engine would not be functioning with optimal efficiency. This in turn would hinder the flight time and the lifting capacity of the copter to some degree.

When purchasing propellers you should also check how many and to what rotating direction propellers are needed. For example, the quad copter there are two clockwise and two counter-clockwise rotating propellers. Here is a diagram of the most common configurations:

DIY MultiCopter - Part 1. - How to build yourself a multicopter!


Let us take a look at one example prop package:

DIY MultiCopter - Part 1. - How to build yourself a multicopter!

This package includes a total of four propellers. Their length is 10 inches and the pitch is 4.5. SF means Slow Fly and this is the right choice for multicopters. There are four propellers but from the text you have to take in account that these are divided into two pairs. One pair rotates clockwise and the other counter-clockwise. This set would be ideal for for example quad Xcopter.

Those small plastic rings coming with the package are adapter pieces fitting between the hole in the propeller and motor shaft. The motor shafts are of different size and thickness from model to model. These adapters allow you to use the same propeller with these different motors.

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