DIY MultiCopter - Part 1.

How to build yourself a multicopter!

Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 07.04.2013

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Flight Controllers


DIY MultiCopter - Part 1. - How to build yourself a multicopter!

Flight Controller is the brain of the multicopter. It receives commands from the radio and then combines the input values with the measured values from the built-in sensors. Based on this information it sends the required power settings to all motors via the ESCs, in order to make the copter do the things that it was commanded to make.

There are quite a few flight controllers to choose from. There are so called dumb models but there are also very intelligent ones as well. Simplest models have only gyros which try to keep the copter on desided angles. Improved designs add for eg. the force sensors and a pressure sensor, by means of which the copter with a single push of a button can hold itself level and if needed at the desired height. Moving on to even more advanced models, the GPS is added, which allows pre-planned routes, which the copter flies itself, without the pilot needing to give any kind of commands on radio. Prices vary quite a lot depending on the characteristics of the controller. They start from about 30 euros and can go upwards to even thousands of euros.

When choosing the flight controller also keep in mind the ease of use. In some less-expensive models there are only few potentiometers, that you operate when you are trying to input the setting to the controller. Some models use an USB connection, and adjustments are made using the computer. However, what I have liked most myself is a model, which has a LCD display and intuitive menus, that allow you to make adjustments at home as well as on the field when needed.

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