How to get started with microcontrollers - Part 2

Interfacing with a computer, controlling motors, servos etc.
Author: Aki Korhonen
Published: 06.05.2009
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We hope that our first part of How to get started with microcontrollers helped you to get started. This time we go straight to more examples on how to use AVR microcontrollers as we went throught the setting up in the first part. You might want to give it a quick look to confirm that your system is working correctly.

In this part we'll control some motors, fade some leds, interface with a computer and more. But enough talk, let's start building some circuits!

Note: Remember to set the correct microcontroller you are using to the project settings (or to the makefile if doing manually) on every project. Every circuit has been built and tested with the appropriate piece of code to confirm that both of them are working so if you encounter a problem, first check and double check your connections etc.

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