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Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 16.01.2007
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So that fat man with a red suit brought you a new Nintendo DS to play with. Games that you got with it can keep you occupied for a while but you are still missing off most of the action. Like with so many other gaming consoles, portable or more stationary ones, Nintendo DS functionality can be enchanced by using additional pieces of hardware and software. Why just play with a gaming console when it can deliver a whole lot more?

In this article we will cover some of the software components that are available and also the additional hardware that is needed to get your NDS to work with them.


In this article I'm focusing on the newer version of NDS - The Lite, but similar solutions are available to the older NDS model too.

And as these tools allow one to use illegal ROMs; backup images of commercial games and programs, I will not answer any forum questions about where to get them or how to run them! Keep your act clean, support game houses and buy the games.


So, the NDS has two slots; Slot 1 at the back of the unit for NDS game cards and Slot 2 at the front for GameBoy Advanced games. There have been several generations of media adapters available to NDS and they have utilized these two slots different ways but these days manufacturers are shifting from Slot 2 adapters to Slot 1 ones. This brings in a lot of advantages like saving batteries and not needing a Slot 1 PassMe device or firmware flash on NDS itself.

The tools


This article covers both the Slot 1 and Slot 2 solutions. There are several manufacturers making these products but most of the units offer similar specifications. I think the ones shown here will offer a good starting point for you to start digging more information about similar products from other manufacturers.

Included are; EZPass 3 that is used with Slot 2 products. G6Lite and SuperCard Lite are actual Slot 2 Media adapters. DS-Xtreme is one of the latest generation Slot 1 solutions that are stand alone units and do not need support cards like EZpass.

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