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Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 16.01.2007
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SuperCard Lite MicroSD


Product package that we received contained only the white covers on the unit. As there are several different color variations available on NDS, Media adapter manufacturers usually include exchangeable covers with the products. This way you can match the card color with the console.


What makes the SC Lite interesting is that it uses a separate memory card to store the data. In this case MicroSD memory card. There are units available that use Compact Flash and regular SD cards. If you have some old cards left over from your digital camera etc. you can now use them as game/music/video storage for your game console. Just to make clear; There is no memory card bundled with the unit.


As the adapter is designed to be used with NDS Lite, it sits flush with the edge of the console. Memory card is easily accessible but in this case it is not all good. As there is no locking mechanism to keep the memory card in place, it could fall off on it's own. Haven't yet happened to me but still something worth mentioning.

You have to use a separate program on the PC side to convert the ROM images found on the net to something that the SuperCard can understand and run. It only takes a few seconds to make the conversion and then the file is ready to be tranferred to the memory card by a regular memory card reader.


Now all you need is a NDS, Slot 1 PassMe or FlashMe firmware, SC Lite in Slot 2 with a memory card. Boot up the console, select the Slot 1 device from the Boot menu and you will be automatically transferred to SuperCard main menu. From there you can select what program to run.

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